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EDM D15B2 to JDM D15B head swap

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by Luck_Civic, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Luck_Civic

    Luck_Civic Junior Member

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    Jun 23, 2004
    Hi there, all
    I would be very pleased if anyone can answer for my questions.

    1. What exactly ECU fits JDM D15b 130 hp, manual transmission (I've got JDM P08 from Civic Ferio EG8, do this one be ok?)

    2. What else of head i have to change in my car? I'm sure that it will be PGM-FI swap too (from dual to multi point), head gasket (to improove compression ratio) and timing belt (becouse old one fits to non-vtec motor).
    Do I have to change oil pump?
    Do I have to change clutch - the power will be increased from 90 HP to 130 HP approx. by 50 %.
    Do I have to change fuel pump?

    3. What about harness? I can buy JDM motor bay harness, but this will be harness for the right handed steering wheel. So, may be, becouse I have the OBD1 EDM car, and OBD1 JDM ECU, I could use some extra wires only to change fuel rail controls and Vtec solenoid control ? Not to change all harness?

    4. About VTEC solenoids. AFAIK at JDM, they have few versions of D15b, few of them have VTEC, others - not. And not all JDM Vtec d15b have 130 HP, becouse some of them have VTEC-E (economical vtec) with 95 HP, some of them have 105 HP (vtec stage 2), and only VTEC stage 3 have 130 HP. So, how I can determine that I buying 130 HP VTEC head? Any check points, like number of solenoids, engine number, something else? I'm asking such stupid things becouse we haven't got normal dealers with JDM shit, all that we have - is some kind of big garages with completly disconnected parts of cars - the engine separately from intake and exhaus for example, so I will have to determine only looking at head with opened cover.

    Big thanks in advance, from Russia with love and bla bla bla

    Oleg aka Yecora
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