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ej1 coupe idle problems!

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by ej1love, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. ej1love

    ej1love New Member

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    Oct 14, 2012
    didnt know where to put this, but my 93 dx coupe starts no prob, but the revs go up and down like crazy, its automatic, in park or neutral it just revs up then down non stop, the in drive it does the same sometimes it doesnt do it when its in gear but always in neutral and park. any help would be appreciated?:(
  2. Matts96HB

    Matts96HB . Moderator VIP

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    Apr 16, 2006
    The most common problem is the IACV (Idle Air Control Valve). This is a sensor located on the back of the intake manifold. Remove it, and clean the screen. Blow the sensor out with compressed air to remove any gunk in there, and reinstall.

    There are several other things that it could be, but this seems to be the most common. I'd start there.
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