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Emanage wideband O2 Logging

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by Sadistik, Jun 15, 2007.

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    May 24, 2007
    Northern Kentucky
    Found this on a 240sx forum. Great way to save money for those running a E-manage setup. I'm not sure if It can work on a Honda, but let me know if it does.

    *Information Source: www.ka-t.org :: View topic - Emanage Wideband O2-logging by crrazy

    After playing with it for a while and getting more and more questions I decided it was better to make an install manual for this.

    Ok, so in short the story is..
    The Greddy Emanage can be connected to cars using 2 airflow meters.
    Since the 240 only uses one, you can use the other for logging a wideband signal.
    The Greddy Support Tool does not allow logging of this signal when your car only has 1 airflow meter.

    Luckily there's a guy who built a program that can log the signal and also released the source-code.

    Enough with the blabla, let's get this stuff to work.

    Here's what you need.
    - Greddy Emanage
    - Wideband sensor with an analog output (preferrably linear, although the zeitronix works now too)
    - Greddy or clone cable.
    - Hau's tool (the normal or the zeitronix version)
    - some basic tools

    To start, make sure you can connect to the Emanage using the the Support tool. If you don't have firmware 1.39 or higher in the Emanage, now is the time to upgrade (You can upgrade to 1.45, which would make it a gold emanage, but I don't know if the rest of this how-to still works, but let me know if it does/doesn't).
    If you can connect to the Emanage proceed, if not solve that first.
    I am using a clone-cable from simon@car-hacker.com and that works like a charm (after a small modification to the source-code, removed a DSR-check).

    Find the wire that has the analog wideband output from your wideband sensor and connect it to the yellow wire of your emanage harness, check this picture

    I have a PLX M300 and I got a resistor to put between the signal wire and the ground to filter out any noise. I don't know how bad you need it, just look how bad the measured value in the software differs from the real values.

    Well, at this point you connected everything as it should

    Next download one of these files
    - For a 'standard' wideband sensor with linear analog output http://immo.rizing.nl/emanagetool.rar
    - For the Zeitronix version of the tool (I have not tested this, but I looked at the source-code and it should work fine), http://immo.rizing.nl/toolzeitronix.rar

    If you don't have a zeitronix or a sensor with a linear analog output. Too bad, there's nothing I can do for you now..

    You MUST HAVE the .NET Framework installed, if not get it http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=262D25E3-F589-4842-8157-

    Unpack the rar-file you download to a folder and start emanage.tools.exe.
    Go to Main Unit -> Setting and make the correct settings (See below).
    The zeitronix-version has an option to select zeitronix for the wideband, you'll see it. Somehow it always forgets what pressure sensor you choose, so must select that everytime you run the program.
    After you're done, press 'Save'


    Now from the menu select Main Unit -> Connect. If all is well in the left bottom of the screen you will see 'OFFLINE' change to 'Firmware version 1.39' (or something like that).

    Almost ready to play
    Go to Monitor -> Real Time Data, press the gauges button (or choose it from the menu).

    You will see something like this


    Press 'Start' and you should see numbers changing and gauges moving.
    Rev your car a little and see if it works.
    Now you can set the TP (Throttle Position) Threshold to a certain value.
    This value decides when the tool starts logging. 50 means it only logs when the throttle is pressed more than 50%.

    You can see how many datapoints have been logged. Press 'Save' to log the data as an excel file. Here is a sample. Please note I was tuning on MAF-sensor there and wasn't done yet. I never finished it as I am tuning on the Greddy Pressure Sensor which is sooooo much easier and better to tune.

    Here's how to tune.
    So all steps above and make a run in 3rd or 4th gear starting from 1000 rpm until redline while logging data. Make sure you don't endanger anyone!!!
    Next save the data and open in excel.
    Open the support tool and open your fuelmap.

    Now look at the excel-sheet and see where your car is running too rich or too lean. In the same row you can find the RPM's and the airflow-voltage and boost-pressure. With this you can just look up the square in your emange-map and make it richer or leaner (whichever is needed).
    Make small adjustments and keep repeating this process until your map is done. You can now make a run whil watching the road and do offline-tuning.

    What I noticed is the following..
    Since the ECU appears to jump from closed to open loop somehere around 93% TPS it's hard to tune it right as it jumps from lean to rich very easily.
    I first experimented with my MAF-related map to find out what the hard parts in the fuelmap are and made a completely new map with more detail in the hard areas.
    Download my map here and look at what I did with the RPM's and the pressure, but also the TPS-value. Again, this map is far from perfect as I am running too rich in a lot off areas.
    In the Airflowmap I already took away some fuel at WOT. The reason for this being the following.. I can get to full boost at WOT (ECU open loop, lots of fuel) or at partial throttle (closed loop, less fuel). If you would only tune on the injector-map it would either be too rich or too lean in one of these cases.
    Making it leaner by 'default' at WOT makes it a bit easier to tune the injector map.

    My rule is I tune it to 14.5 when not in boost and up to 2 psi (leaner makes the turbo spool faster). above that I tune it to 12.5-13.0 for anything below 6000 rpm. Above 6000 rpm I tune it to ~12.0-12.5

    I suggest you set it to the TP treshhold to 93-95 first as that seems to be where the ECU jumps to open loop (correct me if I'm wrong) so you can log/tune WOT first.
    If that is tuned right just set the threshold to 2 and drive around a bit to log all possible areas. tune, and keep doing this until your entire map is as you'd like to see it..

    Last but not least you should run your car with different levels of load (airco on/off, heating, radio, whatever) to get the best map possible.

    Now for the disclaimer..
    I take NO responsibility whatsoever if you mess up your car.

    I hope this manual helps you guys in tuning your car to the best possible.

    Long Live the emanage.
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