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Engines with the fastest piston speeds

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by asmallsol, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. asmallsol

    asmallsol Super Moderator

    Found this list on another site - thought I'd pass it along

    Honda has 6 of the top 10

    1. Honda S2000:
    Engine Code: F20C1
    Bore/Stroke: 3.43" X 3.31"
    Redline: 9000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4965 Ft/min

    2. Lamborghini Gallardo
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.25" X 3.65"
    Redline: 8000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4866.67 Ft/min

    3. Acura Integra Type R
    Engine Code: B18C5
    Bore/Stroke: 3.19" X 3.43"
    Redline: 8400rpm
    Piston Speed: 4802 Ft/min

    4. BMW M3 (Germany)
    Engine Code: S54
    Bore/Stroke: 3.43" X 3.58"
    Redline: 8000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4773.33 Ft/min

    5. Honda S2000 2004
    Engine Code: F22C
    Bore/Stroke: 3.43" X 3.57"
    Redline: 8000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4760 Ft/min

    6. Honda Integra Type R (JDM)
    Engine Code: K20A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.39" X 3.39"
    Redline: 8400rpm
    Piston Speed: 4746 Ft/min

    7. Acura Integra GSR 2001
    Engine Code: B18C
    Bore/Stroke: 3.19" X 3.43"
    Redline: 8200rpm
    Piston Speed: 4687.67 Ft/min

    8. Saleen S7
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 4.13" X 4.00"
    Redline: 7000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4666.67 Ft/min

    9. Acura TSX
    Engine Code: K24A2
    Bore/Stroke: 3.43" X 3.90"
    Redline: 7100rpm
    Piston Speed: 4615 Ft/min

    10. Suzuki Hayabusa Sport Prototype
    Engine Code: W701
    Bore/Stroke: 3.19" X 2.48"
    Redline: 11000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4546.67 Ft/min

    11. Honda Civic Type R
    Engine Code: B16B
    Bore/Stroke: 3.19" X 3.03"
    Redline: 9000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4545 Ft/min

    12. Toyota Celica GTS / Matrix XRS 2001
    Engine Code: 2ZZ-GE
    Bore/Stroke: 3.23" X 3.35"
    Redline: 8100rpm
    Piston Speed: 4522.5 Ft/min

    13. Honda Prelude Type S (JDM)
    Engine Code: H22A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.43" X 3.57"
    Redline: 7500rpm
    Piston Speed: 4462.5 Ft/min

    14. Acura RSX Type S
    Engine Code: K20A2
    Bore/Stroke: 3.38" X 3.38"
    Redline: 7900rpm
    Piston Speed: 4450.33 Ft/min

    15. Ferrari 360 Modena (incl. Challenge, Stradale, etc)
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.35" X 3.11"
    Redline: 8500rpm
    Piston Speed: 4405.83 Ft/min

    16. Lamborghini Murcielago
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.43" X 3.42"
    Redline: 7600rpm
    Piston Speed: 4332 Ft/min

    17. McLaren F1
    Engine Code: N/A (BMW V12)
    Bore/Stroke: 3.39" X 3.43"
    Redline: 7500rpm
    Piston Speed: 4287.5 Ft/min

    18. Renault Clio 2.0 RS 2003
    Engine Code: F4R
    Bore/Stroke: 3.26" X 3.66"
    Redline: 7000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4270 Ft/min

    19. Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2004
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.94" X 3.01"
    Redline: 8500rpm
    Piston Speed: 4264.17 Ft/min

    20. Pagani Zonda C12S
    Engine Code: M120 7.3 AMG
    Bore/Stroke: 3.6" X 3.64"
    Redline: 7000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4246.67 Ft/min

    21. Peugeot 206RC 2004
    Engine Code: EW10 J4 S
    Bore/Stroke: 3.35" X 3.46"
    Redline: 7300rpm
    Piston Speed: 4209.67 Ft/min

    22. Porsche Carrera GT
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.86" X 2.99"
    Redline: 8400rpm
    Piston Speed: 4186 Ft/min

    23. Acura NSX-T
    Engine Code: C32B
    Bore/Stroke: 3.66" X 3.07"
    Redline: 8000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4093.33 Ft/min

    24. BMW M5 2002
    Engine Code: S62
    Bore/Stroke: 3.70" X 3.50"
    Redline: 7000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4083.33 Ft/min

    25. BMW M5 E60
    Engine Code: S65 (?)
    Bore/Stroke: 3.62" X 2.96"
    Redline: 8250rpm
    Piston Speed: 4070 Ft/min

    26. Nissan Primera W20V
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 3.39" X 3.39"
    Redline: 7200rpm
    Piston Speed: 4068 Ft/min

    27. Ferrari Enzo
    Engine Code: F140
    Bore/Stroke: 3.62" X 2.96"
    Redline: 8000rpm
    Piston Speed: 3946.67 Ft/min

    28. Ferrari 575 Maranello
    Engine Code: 650 V21
    Bore/Stroke: 3.50" X 3.03"
    Redline: 7750rpm
    Piston Speed: 3913.75 Ft/min
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    neat! all supercars and hondas. lol
  3. Drake

    Drake Well-Known Member

    Thats pretty cool. In what situation would you want to know piston speed though? Would it help in designing full blown race engines? Have as much information as you can about somthing is always good though.
  4. Capt. Orygun

    Capt. Orygun Win the Day

    Honda also dominates the top ten for vehicles that would own if they weren't FF..
  5. d.b.cooper

    d.b.cooper Mid-life Crisis Swap

    Not surprisingly....

    No American car manufacturers on the list.

    I had the aptitude and the interest for automotive engineering, but looking at the CRAP available in the late 70's to early eighties being produced convinced me that if any of the US makers had engineers, they certainly werent listening to them!
  6. CRX-YEM

    CRX-YEM Super Moderator Moderator

    8. Saleen S7
    Engine Code: N/A
    Bore/Stroke: 4.13" X 4.00"
    Redline: 7000rpm
    Piston Speed: 4666.67 Ft/min

    I'd have to say that's american
  7. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    Wow. Impressive list.

    For the person who asked about piston speeds- they're very important in designing the combustion characteristics of the engine. Obviously, the faster the piston speed, the more difficult the design- but that's an oversimplification.

    Just did some simple math... so the pistons are all moving at less than 60mph at top speed? That doesn't seem right. I guess I need to draw some curves, but at first glance it just seems a little weird.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2006
  8. asmallsol

    asmallsol Super Moderator

    I could see that, cal, the accelration needed to get to 60mph in 84mm (in the f20c's case) is astronomical. Also I would assume that the highest speed is right in the middle of the stroke because for the first half of the stroke its speeding up and the second half is slowing down. So in the f20c's case its doing that in 42mm's. For the s2000, the max speed is 25.22 m/s

    using v.f^2=2as, and using 42 mm's, then the actual acceleration needed to get to that speed in that distance is 7572 m/ss, or in terms of g's, the piston accelrates at 772g's. I am really interested in the mass of the piston to see the force it takes to slow them down.
  9. TrailerParkPimpsDad

    TrailerParkPimpsDad Happy?

    I like how there is one sport bike on there, you think sport bikes would dominate the list if they listed them all?
  10. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    yeah, cal, you have to think, that is a nearly instantaneous 0-60....so yeah, its pretty fast if you think how quickly they go from 0 and then immediately to 60.
  11. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    Yeah, that's why I said I had to draw up some acceleration/deceleration curves. The dv number has to be huge.

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