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Exedy Vs ACT

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by CiViC_SOHC, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. CiViC_SOHC

    CiViC_SOHC Senior Member

    Ok so im going to turbo my D16Z6 that came out of a delsol Si. I need to know what kind of clutch I would need. I am looking for about a 221ft/lbs that way when I start doing everything big I dont' have to worry about it. I was wondering what you guys think. I have found on ebay that you can get a stage one exedy clutch and flywheel for $551. I havn't heard bad about both clutches I heard its just personal preference. Is this true or is one better then the other? Thanks for the info.
  2. turbo99

    turbo99 Member

    I wouldn't buy Exedy. My bro's teg has an Exedy and first gear doesn't pop in smooth. You have to force it in. Other than first gear, it works fine. I'm certain that it's the pressure plate because I've done a couple clutch jobs and I'm sure I installed it right. When I installed an ACT on my car, I haven't had any problems with it. It works great. Get ACT.

    VTECPOWER Senior Member

    Excedy, is what i have, stage 1, stock feel, grabs nicely gear to gear.
  4. formby

    formby learning in progress

    :withstupid: :withstupid: :withstupid:
  5. smooth_criminal

    smooth_criminal Senior Member

    go with act, and if your boosting the car don't get a light flywheel, the mass of a stock flywheel will put more load on the motor and spool the turbo qiucker then if you had a light fly.
  6. integraslut78

    integraslut78 Stylus DJ Extraordinaire

    It's all personal opinion I say go with the ACT HDSS I have heard bad things about Exedy, but again it's all personal opinion.
  7. B16RacerN2NR

    B16RacerN2NR Working Hard

    that's a tranny problem, has absolutely nothing to do with what clutch he has.

    as far as Exedy VS ACT goes, I have been running my Stage 1 Exedy for 30K plus miles and it's still going strong. I never even broke it in. Just installed it and started ripping threw gears.

    and for the record, no clutch company goes by "stages" they go by street, street/strip, race only, ECT... it's just easier to explain when you call them stages.
  8. phyregod

    phyregod !!YTINASNI

    I put exedy stage 1's in everything I drive. I simply LOVE them, never had an issue.
  9. BigBoy

    BigBoy Senior Member

    Both are a great choice.

    People who have problems with the exedy clutches are people who didnt install them properly.
  10. turbo99

    turbo99 Member

    I installed it properly. Like I said, I've done clutch installs before and never had that problem. I can assure you that it definitely isn't the tranny. The tranny was working perfectly before the clutch install. I've even taken the car to professional shops and they agree that the Exedy pressure plate is faulty. There's no way I'm going to buy Exedy again. A clutch job takes a lot of time and I don't wanna tear the tranny down again just to replace a part that should have been working 100% the first time. I've never heard anything bad about ACT so do whatever you like. It's your car and money.
  11. CiViC_SOHC

    CiViC_SOHC Senior Member

    Any reliable websites that I can buy this from? I still need to get a tranny first but I am just looking for my clutch to go with it.
  12. integraslut78

    integraslut78 Stylus DJ Extraordinaire

  13. bambam

    bambam Member

    Exedy Pressure plate was not faulty. Bet you didn't know that "EXEDY" makes all the stock clutches and pressure plates for all the hondas? Yep, the OEM clutches are made by "Daikin"...aka...EXEDY.
    Why would Honda trust them?
    I've had my exedy stage one for 25k and it still grabs like day one. Never broke it in either. I swear by their clutches.
    As for ACT's....my boy's RSX Type-S lasted one day on the ACT clutch at the track w/ a 100 shot....lol.
    Everyone is going to have stories about other people's clutches...but in the end you gotta think to yourself, why does honda use "exedy"?
  14. turbo99

    turbo99 Member

    Yes, I did know that Exedy makes Honda's OEM clutches. Just because they make Honda's OEM clutches doesn't mean that their entire product line is comparable. Their OEM products are good, but I wouldn't say their other stuff is. I had an Exedy myself, and it burned out in no time. I just never had any good experience with their products. But if you're happy with their stuff, good for you. Whatever makes you happy. Like I said, it's up to him to decide.
  15. formby

    formby learning in progress

    yes because act uses stock clutch cores and modify them.....btw Ex main product are clutches...higher quality standards......imo

    buy whatever you want.....

    for the best Ex deal look up clutch city on ebay....he sent me the wrong clutch and replaced it 2nd day air for free....and it was my fault....
  16. bambam

    bambam Member

    Yep, clutchcityonline.com
    that's where i got my clutch from...found it to be the cheapest there.

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