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F/S Clifford Matrix RS III--brand new

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by 98EX, Aug 25, 2003.

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    Oct 1, 2002
    Garland, TX
    Ok I am having to part with this due to some financial issues that have risen with my company and child support(basically company F'd up and sent child support 80% of my check instead of 20% and it is going to take till next month to correct

    This is the Matrix RS-3 two way paging alarm. I am selling it for $280 plus shipping--buyer pays shipping(I figure should be approx 10-15 for UPS priority but don't hold me to that.(this alarm will retail easy for $350-$400 in the stores) Here is what the alarm can do(pulling info from another place that had it all typed up)


    What it does:
    Protects your vehicle and starts your engine with the push of a button.
    Full featured vehicle security system.
    Confirms all commands with easy-to-understand icons with text.
    Alerts you to security system alarm events by beeping or vibrating when system is triggered.
    Lets you keep track of vehicle status.
    Remote Start* Features:
    Remote Start Convenience
    Safety Shut Down
    Timer Mode
    Complete Engine Monitoring
    Engine Checking
    High-Capacity Relay Satellite
    Tach/Voltage Checking
    Security Features:
    High-Output Mini Neo Siren
    Failsafe® Starter Kill
    Forced Passive Arming
    Active/Passive Arming
    Progressive Door Trigger
    True AlarmTM Technology
    Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
    Clone-Safe® Super Code Hopping–266 Codes
    Nuisance Prevention® Circuitry (NPC)
    LED Status Indicator
    Silent ModeTM
    Learn Routine
    Ignition Controlled Door Locks
    Soft Chirp
    Secondary Warning Zone
    Remote Controlled Valet® Mode
    Bitwriter® Compatible
    Parking Light Flash
    Panic Mode

    You can email me at 98ex@nextgenads.com IM me at B18C1Sleeper on Yahoo or PM me here. Jump on this quick if you want it cuase if my company fixes the mistake on my check faster than they stated I won't have to sell it..

    I also a brand new Alpine CDA-7995 in box for sale. It was never installed and if you are interested I am selling it for $330 brand new(will provide pics upon request to prove that unit is brand new) Only reason box was opened was to admire the unit. Cheapest I have ever seen this is at www.autotoys.com for $389.95. Retail this unit will sell for close to $450 or $500.
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