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NY F/S...NRG-Tech SFWD EG Hatch

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by boostfeen, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. boostfeen

    boostfeen New Member

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    Aug 2, 2009
    F/S...NRG-Tech SFWD EG Hatch

    ..I just want to see if there is an interest in a hatch like this. I will sell if the $ is rite Lowballers will be ignored ...Will NOT part out, so dont ask!
    -93cx clean title
    -2yr old paint
    -10pt cage NHRA certified
    -Stroud window net and parachute
    -Morroso Battery box relocated to trunk
    -Morroso Kill switch
    -Custom Batt. charging terminal located next to Batt.
    -Engine bay painted flat black w/ wire tuck
    -Carbon fiber hood
    -Sparco hood pins
    -VIS carbon duckbill spoiler
    -Type R style front lip
    -Custom Rear Bumper diffusers

    -AEBS sleeved B20 block
    -Micro polished LS crank
    -84mm coated JE Pistons 10:1
    -Pauter Rods
    -ATI race Damper
    -Rotating assy. balanced by Miller
    -Type R Oil and water pump
    -Golden Eagle Oil Filter Sandwich plate
    -Morroso Oil pan w/ GE magnetic drain plug

    -B16 Head
    -Race port and polish by Miller
    -Supertech Springs & Retainers
    -Supertech 1mm oversized Nitrate Valves
    -Golden Eagle Cam seal
    -Golden Eagle Head studs
    -Brian Crower Stage 2 all motor Cams
    -Skunk2 pro series cam gears
    -Toda Timing belt
    -JG Edelbrock port matched IM
    -Hondata IM gasket
    -Ericks Racing 74mm TB w/ Addel Wiggins Clamp
    -AEM 5bar Map sensor
    -Powder coated vented Valve cover
    -NRG custom breather tank w/ 6 -10 lines
    -PWR aluminum Radiator w/ high power Fan
    -12an Coolant lines
    -Morroso Radiator over flow tank

    -B16 Tranny w/ Quaife LSD
    -Competition Clutch Twin Disk
    -Honda MT Fluid
    -Golden Eagle Scatter Sheild
    -DSS stage 5 axels w/ ARP extended Studs
    -Avid Racing Solid Billet Motor mounts

    -Full-Race T4 Topmount
    -Precision Turbo 74mm Qtrim .96ar w/ upgraded shaft
    -4in Stainless DP w/ V-band and wrapped w/ thermo-tec
    -Tial 60mm WG custom mounted by BigTom
    -Dump tube wrapped w/ thermo-tec
    -Precision 750hp IC back doored on one side
    -3in. Alumin. IC piping all around

    -Twin SX engineering Fuel pumps
    -Paxton Fuel filters
    -Competition Engineering Fuel sump
    -10an fuel lines
    -NOS Y Block
    -Golden Eagle Fuel Rail
    -Aeromotive Fuel regulator
    -Summit Fuel Sample valve
    -Precision 1600cc injectors
    -FJO injector Driver
    -M&W Pro10 ignition
    -Crane Coil
    -MSD spark plug wires
    -NGK plugs
    -Hondata S300 w/ boost by gear
    -Hondata Boost Solenoid

    -D2 Drag Coilovers 18k rear 12k front 32way adjustable
    -Skunk2 Front camber kit
    -Omni power Front LCA's
    -Full-Race Traction bars
    -Skunk2 rear LCA's
    -Benen Industries rear lower arm bar
    -Russel Stainless brake lines
    -Power Slot slotted rotors
    -Hawk HP pads
    -Black Rota slipstreams 15x7 4x100
    -MT Drag Radials 225x50x15

    -Sparco Pro2000 Seats
    -G-Force 5pt. Harness (driver)
    -NRG Innovations Slim quick release
    -Mugen Steering wheel
    -Mugen Pedel kit
    -JDM SIR Gauge Cluster
    -JDM accessory Din Station
    -JDM type R shift boot
    -Spoon Shift Knob
    -GSR shift linkage w/ ES poly bushings
    -Broadway rear view mirror
    -Apexi boost gauge
    -Defi Oil press. gauge
    -Defi EGT gauge
    -Auto Meter Water temp. gauge
    -MSD LED shift light

    ...I will post up some updated pics when i get a chance. Again, this car was bone stock when i got it.
    ..Everything was done by NRG-tech racing and it shows. PM me with any Q's you may have. Im sure i left some things out, there is just way to much to list. thanks for looking.

  2. 97hatch

    97hatch ?

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    Feb 6, 2003
    Anderson IN
    dude i got $50.oo today

    nice car and bumps are free
  3. efhondakid

    efhondakid My name is Byron. VIP

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    Mar 2, 2007
    Akron-Canton, Ohio
    Sick sick sick car. GL with the sale. :thumbsup:
  4. jbernard1234

    jbernard1234 New Member

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    May 31, 2009
    I would like to know, why is it that you used all motor cams in a turbo car? I'm seriously interested, more lift?
  5. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin VIP

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    Nov 18, 2007
    very nice :) What's it's best time?
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