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F/S or F/T '89 CRX HF parts

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by classiccarsrule, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. classiccarsrule

    classiccarsrule New Member

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    Feb 1, 2007
    Ok so here is some information before I list the parts--
    All the CRX parts came from a good unmolested(as in ricered) white 1989 CRX HF....bought the parts for just in case...for my 88 HF but its going to my friend for a good amount so I dont need these parts anymore...
    My location is Johnson City NY 13790
    Prices and pictures are here!!--All things are OBO since im going by ebay prices
    And the three CD players have no guarentee of working since I bought them at a garage sale and never got around to using them....

    200-250 takes it all

    Ok so here we go lets start with the interior
    -I pretty much have the whole thing except for the carpet, headliner, and D. side seat
    here is a quicky list of some of the things I have
    -Full dashboard w/vents--while taking pics the part that goes against the winsheild broke--40
    -Center councel--30
    -All the plastic moulding trim etc...the covers that make up the interior--you pick=give me a resonable price to many to name and price alone....
    -Passenger side seat in good condition not rips tears or stains( since its from an hf its lightweight and trust me it is.--15
    -The rear pockets/cubbies all 3, and the carpet is still on the LH and RH pockets, no rips in the center one--L&R-10 center 25
    -Speaker covers from the front back--Fpair-5, and rear pair 10
    -Door panels-15ea(these are non crx as in they dont say CRX on them)
    --------the list goes on----------

    Other parts I have from the '89 CRX hf are as follows
    -Hf ECU with sheild-25
    -Complete Tail light set-up with CRX still on the center in good condition-35
    -Complete Passenger Side door which still has everything still on it hinges, wires, window, door panel, exterior stuff....and no visible rust--150??...name your price really and its yours
    -Hf Guage cluster with the plastic still on the front in good condition has approx 120k on it--25
    -A good Climate control unit with no cracks etc its pretty much perfect except the blue and red piece where the knob goes is having difficulties staying in i think im missing the scews or something but im gonna say the posts broke off just in case they did and im not seeing it.......--30
    -Stock Tape deck--works 5$$
    Original seat belt buckel things--6ea--they are the ones that attatch to the tunnel
    ----------I am sure I have other things but that is just stuff off the top of my head that I have-------

    Other things I have for Sale are as follows.....
    JVC KD SX780-w/o faceplate
    Durabrand DB1200-probaly w/o wire harness since my friend ripped out the power wire to a point where its unusable
    Kenwood KDC 2011S- comes with wire harness and faceplate
    like I said above I have no clue if these work or not but the prices are fair and are as follows 10$$ each +shipping for the CD players

    1990 Honda Prelude rear mudflaps with screws in good condition--$6

    That is pretty much it though im sure I will end up finding alot more things that I would like to put up for sale and will post them in due time but for now
    Thank you

    P.S. if you have any questions or would like to offer stuff up for trade either PM me drop a reply or Email me at Classiccarsrule85@yahoo.com
    Thank you again

    Here is a link to them pics
  2. classiccarsrule

    classiccarsrule New Member

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    Feb 1, 2007
    bump taking offers for the parts if i dont sell anything soon im throwing my car, and the parts in a huge lot on ebay...
  3. killerc998

    killerc998 New Member

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    May 6, 2007
    do u still have crx parts?

    i was just wondering if you still have the crx parts. if so are they blue i cant tell in the pics. do you have the cargo cover and related parts? the plastic pieces on the out side of door next to glass are the in one piece? the right side mirror is the glass in good condition and do u have the inside cover for it? on the heater control unit does it work properly? the rear speaker covers are they in one piece or are the sides coming off? the plastic covers for the reverse lights do you have? do you have the glove box? and then do u still have the fuse cover under the dash?
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