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F/S or trade....88 200SX S12...Feeler thread.

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Airjockie, May 30, 2008.

  1. Airjockie

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    Jan 21, 2003
    Meriden, CT, USA
    Contemplating selling it, so this is a feeler thread.

    1988 S12...KA24E...cool little car, the red bomber, back-up drift whore, the one I bought last year...well... I'm already tired of it,(sort of, I just don't have the time anymore to make something cool) and I haven't even played with it yet. I bought it last year for $1800, and it had some problems, I fixed most of them...and drove the car for about 4000 miles...it's just not getting the MPG that I hoped for...I drive 70+ miles a day, and the 23-24 mpg's is killing my wallet...but I'm pimping it out and everyone stares at the car trying to figure out what the hell it is. It is a peppy as fuck little car, fun to drive, handles so so right now, needs the parts installed that I've bought installed, with no frills in the stereo department or the basic luxuries like A/C...it has A/C, but I never got around to charging the system or checking it out to see if it even works. Stops on a dime, but thats with the wheels and tires that I have on it now, Pull the diff when your doing the bushing swap, have it welded, slap it all back together with coil-overs...and you got a drift beast.

    What I've invested so far...
    tune up crap..$300+ (new MSD Blaster II coil, plugs wires, cap, rotor, PCV, oil, filter's...blah blah)
    $50 rear Monroe 300ZX shocks for the rear.
    $500 S-13 used Silkroads that needs cleaned up and installed to the car, half of the parts for the conversion, like the S13 LCA's, S13 calipers, and hubs for the front are included. The rear will need a lot of welding.
    $140 for all new bushings...still NIB.
    also have a header kicking around that never got installed....
    $60 JDM Bubble 10" shift knob.
    Blessed by a Buddhist Monk good luck charm,...priceless...(yes the car has been blessed...all my cars get blessed...due to my wife's funky superstition's ... I've had nothing happen since 1999...so it must work.)

    $2700 firm..no wheels included. But If I get that price for the car, then I might let a few wheels and tires go with it for less than I normally charge.

    car still has a good CT emissions due feb 09, and is registered and driving under full insurance...test drives are ok.
    perfect canidate for a full strip, cage, and SR with a welded diff. Great first car to get into drifting, sweet balance, most parts swap on with no problems, and the rust issues is 96.8% perfect.

    Wheels not included, but we can talk on those, since I have almost everything that can bolt on for a price.

    I will trade for a honda civic hatchback or crx HF (84-87 only) or a decent 600+cc street bike that gets great gas mileage and runs. And other trades like this .... CTDrifting.com • View topic - FS: 1990 Nissan 240sx Fastback or a boat with a trailer, an RV that can tow a trailer with a car on it....etc...

    I'm just getting tired of working on cars, I got 3 race cars, and I want to thin the heard down to one race car and get a better economical daily driver or something to tow the trailer.
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