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F20B in 98 accord EX

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by daidilus, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. daidilus

    daidilus Member

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    Sep 24, 2003
    Just wanted to get out the word about the swap "we" started about 6 months ago.
    this swap was a major pain the in the rump!@!!!@#$@#

    98 Accord Ex
    F20B SiR-T
    first the wrong transmission came, was supposed to be LSD auto..
    the exhaust manifold was missing the down pipe
    it came with the EDM harness
    there were a lot of little issues with it...
    the actual physical swap actually took about 1 day, we just put it on the lift, put a pallet under the car, lowered the car till the oil pan touched the pallet, and unbolted her....simple simple simple part

    We got the harness in, we got the ECU plugged in, then what? Immobilizer..i could not find the fix for it pin A16 then...so we ordered a skunk2 conversion harness and used a OBD-1 P13, it started, it ran had a coupla CELs. My Dl got suspended, so I did not go to the shop for about 3-4 months.......
    well another guys comes to the shop and started sweating us about getting the his car done(SiR swapped EK), so the conversion harness was added to his car instead........while i am gone......when i get back i find that the conversion harness for a prelude was sent, and the ECU was repinned for the prelude, and now it does not turn the fuel pump on...i was told it ran. but i did not see any reason it would......so right now...i have just cut the harness plugs...and i am hardwiring OBD-1 plugs from a DX civic and adding vtec parts....so far I have the fuel pump working, and there is fuel, but no spark....ther are a few sensor not wired (CYP CKP) when those are wired(tuesday) I will have that Effing thing running, and then it goes home...

    moral of the story..if you have a shop....don't let kids convince you to do something that you really cannot find any information on, has not been dont by many people...or give them less power simply because he just had to have the blue VC, and have to end up with the car sitting for 3 months
  2. asf22

    asf22 Junior Member

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    Aug 8, 2004
    hey man we are also doing the swap(f20b/auto tranny into 98 ex accord). we are also having problems. we got it in the car no problem. they sent us wrong ecu. they sent us the poa, we needed the pcb. got right ecu. they also sent us a chopped up wire harness. could run new wire but dont know which pins each one goes to. also sensors were broke so we took matching sensors from my f23 stock engine and are trying to use the stock engine harness. got it all hooked and tryed to see if it would crank. good. problem now is that the f20b distributor is an 8 wire plug and the stock harness has a 4 wire connector. could run new wire but again dont know were to plug them in to. need help bad. please let us know what you did. if you can let me know which wires go where or what other route to take id appreciate it very much. which skunk2 harness did you use. how did you wire the ckp cyp. any or all info would be great. thanks. we used f23 alt. bracket, a/c bracket, crank pulley, some sensors, axles, 97-98 crv distributor cap, f23 upper radiator hose inlet pipe. thanks suarezadam@aol.com 361-655-7311
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