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F20B in to Prelude, but how?

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by HardcoreGangstah, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. HardcoreGangstah

    HardcoreGangstah New Member

    yo guys,

    i baught a couple a weeks ago a swap.
    it's a F20B and i want in to my Prelude.
    but i have now some troubles with the cableboom and ecu.
    can someone give me a picture of the f20b ecu?
    i've got 4 holes but from the engine to the ecu i have 3 plugins.
    what function does the 4th?

    Greetz HG
  2. formby

    formby learning in progress

    you need a civic> h22 kit
  3. ROLI

    ROLI New Member

    I was thinking about doing the same thing to my prelude. Is it really hard to get it in there? Will it even fit? If it does what are the thing you need to get it done?

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