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F22a1 to h22a1 swap help

Discussion in 'Accord' started by joneskc, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. joneskc

    joneskc New Member

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    Sep 23, 2010
    Hey I am brand new to this site and the honda scene. I have a '90 accord with a f22a1 and i just bought a h22a1 V-tech with low miles but a bent valve, what will i need to complete the swap? Motor mounts? ecu? wiring harness? I am completely in the dark, oh ya and can i put the f22 head on the h22 block? I need recommendations on what to do for a very low budget. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.
  2. HoloWeb

    HoloWeb New Member

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    Dec 27, 2010
    im doing the same swap in my 92 prelude atm.

    1) You can use a number of chipped ecu's but stock ecu for h22 is p13. Do more research for the chipped versions if you plan on doing your own chip settings.

    2) Identify what OBD version ur motor and car are. OBD 2 will have a crank sensor at the bottom of the block running along the side of the timing belt cover, down to the oilpan. OBD 1 has the cranksensor built into the Distributor.

    does your new motor have wireharness? distributor? etc? this will effect your vtec and if you need to order one seperatly.

    3) you will need a new header / downpipe. h22 is a deeper motor and if you put your old header back on, it will be to short. order one from ebay if price is an issue, or get a exhaust shop to weld up a downtube for you...

    4) i know many people put h22 heads on f22 blocks. so i can see it being to diffirent in reverse. not sure tho. but most would want vtec etc.. so if its possiable work out a deal with a local machine shop and get ur head off the h22 fixed. tho this probly wont be cheap.

    So if your trying to swap them for gains... keepin your f22 head is not the way to do it. save and fix or find a replacement head in a junkyard without bent valves.

    head gasket kit can be expensive also, i ordered mine off ebay and it worked for me. (i dont race with mine)

    5) comon parts to replace are, (maintanance you have motor out so its a good time to do this stuff)

    timing belt, water pump, *optional* manual tensioner conversion kit, honda made a bracket for a seal that had a tendancy to walk out a leak cant rememeber the name of what seal it is, but its by the oil pump. spark plugs, pcv valve, main seal, cam seals, crank seal, etc...

    6) i dont know about the engine mounts.

    well get me more info and I will try and help the best i can.
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