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F22A6.......Turbo....or Procharger.....

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by 92accord, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. 92accord

    92accord Junior Member

    And how much power can I get from it with a safe Hondata tune? I think the F22A6 is an excellent candidate for boost because of it's inherent low compression ratio (8.8:1). What psi would you say is safe for a sub 80K mile engine in good running order? What kind of whp could I expect w/an auto trans? Would you use a Turbo or get a shop to custom fab up a Procharger C1 supercharger kit instead? Pros/cons of both ideas please.

    On a side note, why does the H22A have shitty piston ring lands? Is there any way to correct that with aftermarket pistons? And since later on I do plan on getting the H22 swap on my Accord, I know if I go turbo, I'll need a different manifold. Why does the H22 need to be resleeved?
  2. hotrex

    hotrex Senior Member

    supercharger is a wasteof money. hondata s a waste of money, h22as suck my balls for anything short of a sleeved and punched out race motor. h22as have frm sleeves which cant be bored, or have forgedpistons run in them, with the exception of mahle pistons , which are piles of shit.

    tune with crome, run a turbo kit, run 8-10 psi tuned well and just go with it. if your pile of shit is automatic i suggest a tranny cooler. your gonna fry that tranny real nicely with anything over 5-6 psi and a good session of beating.
  3. 92accord

    92accord Junior Member

    Well that kinda sux ass. The H22A is the best powerplant for a swap for my year Accord. It's a shitload of hassle to swap a B series or K series. Mahle pistons aren't that bad. SVT Cobras come with them and people have run 18+ psi with no failures? But yeah, I priced out a Procharger C1 supercharger and they're wanting like 1900 for just the head unit. Turbo is my friend it seems.
  4. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP

    just boost the f series...

    they have really strong sleeves for a honda and you can bolt a stock turbo manifold onto it...

    look in the accord threads for the proof
  5. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    boosting the F22 is a really good choice. a manual swap would definitely be advisable though.

    the H22 is a good engine, but it takes a lot to get it to reach its full potential.

    Just so you know, Mahle makes the pistons for Porsche and for Audi (OEM) but they havent gotten hondas down from what i can see. give it a few years, and i think they will be a worth while choice.
  6. 92accord

    92accord Junior Member

    What would you say is the max psi for a street driven F22 series? I was shooting for 10 psi on pump gas and a good tune. I'll keep the auto in there long enough until I get me a 5spd to swap in it.
  7. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    well the psi number depends on the turbo and how much you want to be pushing. you can keep the auto, but your gonna need one hell of a torque converter. If you go with a smaller T3/04E 10 psi wouldnt be asking too much.
  8. 92accord

    92accord Junior Member

    That's what I was considering was a T3/T4 hybrid. Smaller turbine housing to spool up a bit quicker and a bigger compressor housing to flow a bit more air if need be.
  9. Turbo&Auto

    Turbo&Auto Nick Go FAST!!

    I'm turboing my F22 now. The 4G63 Mitsu manifolds fit the F22 head with slight modification to the flange. Then you can use any of the Mitsu turbos with it. If you're after a T-04, they have one for a DSM flange.

    Another note, my other car is a Matrix Turbo with Automatic trans. If you plan on running 10psi you're def. going to need to upgrade the TQ converter and possibly modify the tranny. If you have a tranny with a Hydrosystem you need to get the valve body modified.(i think). Some trannys can use a "stiffening plate" that bolts on inside the tranny oil pan. Check out levelten.com
  10. 94accordex

    94accordex Member

    Has anyone even swapped a b-series into a 1990+ Accord? I don't see why you would, as it would involve a totally custom install and you'd end up loosing torque compared to the Accord's stock motor. K-swaps may soone become a more viable option since Hasport is supposedly going to produce a mount kit for swapping a K24.

    What I'm wondering though is you say you want to turbo your F22 yet you plan on swapping out for an H22 later? Why?!? You could make 200-ish horsepower with a turbo setup on your F22, OR, you could just swap in the H22 and have 200 hp from a naturally-aspirated motor and be more reliable. Just make sure you get an H22 that was originally connected to a manual tranny, they have a few more horses than the automatic ones.

    But yeah, make up your mind dood, don't waste $1000 or more on a turbo setup if you are just going to swap it out in a year, might as well just do the swap first, and then have that much more money to build and boost your new motor, if that's what you want to do.

    But then again, a boosted F-series has possibilities too...I just think you should decide one route or the other, because you might end up wasting your cash.
  11. hotrex

    hotrex Senior Member

    your an idiot. 200whp from a turbo kit is greater than 165 whp from a n/a h22a.
  12. 94accordex

    94accordex Member

    Hey, screw you jackass...don't you think I realize that?!? It sounded like he was saying that he is going to boost his F22 now and then swap in an H22 in the near future...my point was that maybe he should think this over a little bit and possibly do the swap first and see if he still wants to boost it after he has an H22 under the hood, because if he boosts, then tears everything out and puts in an H22 and decides to just leave it N/A or do an N/A build, then he wasted money on the turbo setup.

    A naturally aspirated H22 is going to excel in the higher rpms, wheras a turbo F22 would make more usable power in the lower rpms, it would be two completely different kind of setups. All I was trying to say is that maybe he should make a definate decision on which route he is going to go (either turbo the F or swap the H22) before he puts any money into a turbo setup for his current motor.

    And by the way, it's not "your," it's "you're" (as in "you are" abbreviated). Next time you call someone an idiot, you might want to try using proper grammer and vocabulary so that you don't sound like one yourself...
  13. hotrex

    hotrex Senior Member

    hey auto f22 fag, i wasnt talking to you.
  14. 94accordex

    94accordex Member

    LOL!! Then who were you talking to? And who says my car is an automatic? And who says I prefer the cock? You make a lot of assumptions there buddy...

    At least you used proper grammer this time...barely...
  15. 92accord

    92accord Junior Member

    Does any one make aftermarket pistons/rods/cam for the F22? I looked at Gude and am not really impressed by the prospect of a regrind although if that's all there is, I guess that's gonna have to do. I know the H22 n/a will pull harder higher than the F22, but the F22 boosted won't need to rev as high to pull like a raped ape. I wish the H22 had some better piston designs so that I could run some boost with it instead. Is there any other head that will fit on a F22A engine that performs better than the stocker?
  16. tab

    tab Super Moderator

    There are better pistons for the H22 that can be ran with reliability.

    In either case, you should swap to manual before your turbo comes into play. I looked extensively into a turbo for my H22 Accord. Ironically, the motor wasn't the problem to me. It's the tuning. For Hondata or Uberdata, you need a civic or integra ECU. P28 and P72's are the best candidates. The Auto versions don't work the same as Accord and Prelude ECU's. Accords and Preludes have a supplemental TCU, which Civics don't. The Civic ECU won't shift the Accord auto tranny properly.

    Unless you know how to program a TCU, and modify the ECU to work, then I'd just switch trannies. I've asked several people to modify an auto ECU(staying auto) to run UBERDATA and datalog. Everyone has told me it won't work.

    My .02
  17. mozzandherb

    mozzandherb Senior Member

    Which kind of pistons are you talking about? And what ECU are you running, I'm assuming you have a turboed h22a. Did you re-sleeve? And are you using Hondata? Just a couple of questions to see which route I might take. Thanks
  18. tab

    tab Super Moderator

    I believe Driver1 said that Mahle makes a piston for a stock block.

    My H22 is stock, except for bolt ons. I didn't turbo due to the problems that automatic transmissions present to ECU's.

    I think you could turbo a civic, but an auto Civic ECU wouldn't work on an Accord or Prelude, since they have a TCU. I did my homework, checked into Hondata, and with several people that burn chips. Tuning is very important for a good turbo setup. Nobody could help me.

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