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MA FA: JDM h22a partout.....

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by B18HondaEg, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    Got pretty much everything from the longblock from a jdm h22a for sale. let me know any specifics. But here is some things off the top of my head:

    h22 head (no cams/im/vc) - SOLD

    h22 cams (w/ or w/o cam gears) - $80

    crank - SOLD

    block (need to be resleeved) - $50

    oil pan - SOLD

    valve cover (freshly painted black) - $75

    intake mani (usdm - has egr block off plate) - SOLD
    Throttle body - SOLD

    h22 mounts for ek - $80

    act prolite flywheel - SOLD

    paypal verified
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2012
  2. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    will sell the head w/ cams, cam gears, intake mani and valve cover (complete) for $400
  3. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    Flywheel sold!!!
  4. widebodyeg

    widebodyeg New Member

    how much for just the throttle body
  5. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    $35 shipped. Needs a new tps but has a brand new
  6. widebodyeg

    widebodyeg New Member

  7. widebodyeg

    widebodyeg New Member

    money sent for throttle body
  8. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    Throttle body sold, oil pan sold and crank sold!!!
  9. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    Intake manifold sold!!!!! But have another one
  10. bigramJDM

    bigramJDM New Member

    Where do u stay ?
  11. primeredseol

    primeredseol New Member

    how much for the injectors? but only interested if they are 92-95 peak and hold style 345cc injectors. lmk
  12. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    Ummm? In a house. Where do you stay? What's up. What do u need?
  13. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    Injectors sold with intake mani. Sorry
  14. B18HondaEg

    B18HondaEg Member

    Heads gone as well. Price reduced on cams from $100 to $80

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