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Fit / Jazz chassis codes

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> GD' started by phunky.buddha, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. phunky.buddha

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    Sep 30, 2002
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    GD1 = 1.3L FF wagon
    GD2 = 1.3L 4WD wagon
    GD3 = 1.5L FF wagon (USDM model, but not exclusively USDM)
    GD4 = 1.5L 4WD wagon
    GD5 = 1.2L FF wagon (UK/Europe only?)
    GD6 = 1.3L FF sedan
    GD7 = 1.3L 4WD sedan
    GD8 = 1.5L FF sedan
    GD9 = 1.5L 4WD sedan

    Note: information on above chassis codes pulled from non-official sources... may not be 100% correct


    The sedan is also known as the City in many markets, with the Jazz and Fit taking the wagon name.

    The GD wagon platform is called the Jazz in Europe and in Asia except in Japan, where it takes the name of Fit. It will also be called the Fit in the US market.

    The USDM Fit will be a GD3 with a 109hp L15A engine.
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