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Florida Honda Owners

Discussion in 'South East' started by 8thchild, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. 8thchild

    8thchild Junior Member

    I am new to Florida been here for 6 months and I got a 96 Honda civic hb. I live in central FL and would like to meat some cool Honda heads like me. I also need to buy some parts for my car and have some questions for you guys.:wave:
  2. FLounder

    FLounder power hungry

    if you are in central FL, i would check out tampa racing if youre looking for a local forum. its not all hondas, but its a pretty active site, lots of orlando area people on there. for local parts i would look on the florida for sale section on HT.
  3. 8thchild

    8thchild Junior Member

    thank you for the info. I live in cocoa fl at the moment and I need complete ac system and a few other parts lol.
  4. 8thchild

    8thchild Junior Member

    is there a new member introduction thread on this forum so i can add pictures of my ugly civic.

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