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FMP Meet Saturday Sept 1

Discussion in 'NorthEast' started by Lender69, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Lender69

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    Sep 12, 2003
    New York City
    Many people voted on the poll thread and the majority voted to have the meet on Saturday Sept. 1st.
    Date: Saturday Sept. 1st
    Loc: Flushing Meadow Park
    Time: 4pm
    Let's make this meet a big one.... I will be posting this thread on many other forums I'm on. If you belong to another forum and this thread isn't on there then post it up, lets get a huge turn out for this meet.
    LIE west...get off at at the COLLEGE POINT/VAN WYCK exit..its AFTER the MAIN Street exit...go str8 & make a LEFT at the light..stay on ur RIGHT..follow that road and the park and lake area will be on ur riight hand side...
    BELT Pkwy to VAN WYCK/WHITESTONE NORTH.. u get off at the exit for LIE EAST...as soon as ur off the exit there will be a U TURN on ur left hand side with a sign that says MEADOW LAKE follow that u turn and the park and lake area will be on ur right hand side once again!
    FROM CITY or western Queens using LIE EAST...get off at the exit that says COLLEGE POINT/VAN WYCK and u can either go str8 and make a RIGHT at the light and park will be on ur right side or get on VAN WYCK SOUTH and get off at the FIRST exit.
    I'll add people names as they say there going.
    Here's a link from another site thats setting it up..
    B20 FMP MEET SATURDAY SEPT. 1st - B20Vtec.Com...... B Series and Beyond
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