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for sale or trade ek gsr turbo

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by prego698, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. prego698

    prego698 New Member

    its a 96 with 99-00 front end, im selling because i need to pay for school but i would also trade for any civic or integra with a k-series motor or a rhd.

    98 integra gsr turbo(50,000 on motor)
    t3/t4 turbo
    inlinepro manifold
    turbosmart wastegate
    turbosmart boost controller
    greddy blow of valve
    precision intercooler
    750cc rc injectors
    skunk2 intake manifold
    fluodyne radiador
    hasport motor mounts
    aftermarket cam gears but i forgot the brand
    clutch masters stage 4 clutch
    lsd tranny

    dropzone shocks
    dropzone coil overs
    tenzo r strut bar
    tokico shocks
    dropzone coilovers
    16" rota slipstream gunmetal
    205/45 toyo tires

    99-00 front end
    black housing headlight
    seibon canbon fiber hood
    spoon style mirrors

    nrg quick release steering wheel
    bride steering wheel
    razo shift knob

    the front end is black because i never painted the car after i changed the front end but i still have the 96 stock front end

    my initial asking price is $9,000 but im also open to offers and trades so let me know what you got

    here are some pics, sorry if they are a bad, if you need to see better pics let me know, maybe i can take new ones. it has fat fives in the front because of the drag radials but i have the other 2 rota. thanks

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  2. dens_310

    dens_310 New Member

    looks nice.. but need to get painted...

  3. prego698

    prego698 New Member

    thanx, i dont have the money yet to paint
  4. dens_310

    dens_310 New Member

    what are you planning to get...?
  5. dens_310

    dens_310 New Member

    for trade...?
  6. prego698

    prego698 New Member

    i was thinkin about a rhd, k20 civic or integra or maybe another ek depending how it is plus some cash..do you have a car you looking to trade with mine???
  7. dens_310

    dens_310 New Member

    i have a dc5..... i'm not really planning to trade my car.....
    i'm still working on it..... putting more mods

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