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Free Flow Tour 2006 Stops in Dallas!!

Discussion in 'South / Southwest' started by Seany-izzle, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Aug 25, 2003
    In a fucking house.
    Come one, come all!!!!

    The official amateur series tour of the Mtn Dew Action Sports Tour is making a stop in Dallas Texas on June 10th and the 11th. The comp will be held at the Eisenbergs Skatepark in Dallas TX. (check em out at www.eisenbergs.com for directions and pictures) On Saturday the 10th Free Flow will be having their Skateboard part of the competition and YOU can enter!!! Sunday is the BMX portion of the competition, and again, YOU can enter! There are age limits though, 18 and under for skate, 21 and under for bmx. But dont let that keep you down, there are tons of free shit to be given out as well as a blockparty afterwards with live music, bbq, tag models, and good ppl.

    IF you dont know what the Free Flow Tour is, well you can visit www.freeflowtour.com for allll the info on it, but ill give you some basic info. This is a contest that is for un-signed and un-sponsored riders. Think of it as teh American Idol of skateboarding and bmx. Everyone that will compete will be off the streets, no ringers here. What makes this tour great is that its the only one of its kind, we are looking for the next big skater and bmx rider. The winner of the Dallas event will be flown (expenses paid) to Portland OR to compete against the other winners from the other cities, then the winner of that comp gets flown to Orlando to compete against the pros in the Mtn Dew Action Sports Tour. And hey, last years winner made an impressive 7th finish at the Action Tour.

    Cost is 10 bucks to enter btw. Oh, and the top 3 get cash prizes as well as stuff from Ogio Bags, Spy Optics, Powell Boards, and other cool shit.

    Reason why im posting this is because well, i want ppl to go, i want for there to be a good turnout. And iknow some ppl here are from the greater Dallas area, i encourage you all to go, if not for the skating/bmxing then do it for the food, free stuff, and hot ass Tag bodyspray models. [​IMG]
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