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FS: 1997 Integra GSR 4dr DB8 Virginia

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by VTECPOWER, Mar 25, 2007.


    VTECPOWER Senior Member

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    Oct 6, 2003
    Winchester, VA
    Name: Matt
    Location: Stephens City, VA 22655
    Means of Contact: pm here, email: matt_simko@hotmail.com or aim : trqless
    Description: F/S or F/T
    Miles: 175xxx miles on chassis 1200 on motor
    Price: 9kobo
    Additional Information:
    Bottom end:

    B18a block
    Bored .20 over
    JE 81.5mm pistons 11.5:1 CR
    Eagle Rods
    ARP Rod bolts
    ACL bearings
    LS Crank fully blueprinted, balanced, ect.
    CTR N1 Single Rib Pulley
    ITR Water/Oil pump
    LS/VTEC Conversion using the golden eagle sandwich adapter. (Featuring earls an fittings)
    Moroso Steel oil pan (uninstalled)

    Top end:
    B16a head
    Full-Race port and polish
    5 Angle valve job
    .5mm oversized ferrera valves
    Crower dual valve springs
    Crower Ti Retainers
    Crower Stage 3 Cams
    Skunk 2 Pro Series cam gears
    AEM Fuel rail
    AEM Fuel pressure regulator
    RC 550cc injectors
    NGK Plugs and plug wires
    AEBS Intake manifold (runners have been cleaned up)
    68mm Throttle body
    AEM Cold air intake
    Greddy catch can (no pcv system exists, has been removed)

    00 USDM GSR transmission
    Open diff.
    ACT Stage 2 clutch
    ACT Streetlite flywheel (aprox. 11-12lbs)
    Also have 97 GSR USDM transmission with bad main shaft bearings, phantom grip lsd has been installed.

    DC Sports ITR Replica 4-1 header 2.5” collector
    Test pipe
    Stock exhaust for now
    Thermal R&D 3” exhaust
    Only thing needed to run this would be a conversion test pipe or cat.

    Omni power full coilovers w/ top hats
    Omni power front upper camber kit
    Omni power rear lower control arms
    Omni power rear shim kit
    Also have all stock suspension parts

    Basically stock
    Comes with LS Mesh wheels front have very little tread left, whereas rear have almost full tread
    Amber corner lights, also have stock.
    Headlight bulbs are silverstar ultra for the low beams, and farenheight for the high beams
    Gauge bezel around the cluster that holds 2 gauges
    Autometer electric oil pressure
    Rear alpine type S speakers (6x9)
    Factory CD player
    Tan leather interior

    Engine is running off of a chipped p72, meaning it has the knock board and sensor.
    Obd1 computer w/ jumper harness (since the car is a 97)

    The bad:
    Some rock chips in the front bumper and the driver’s side fender
    Rust spot in the read ¼ panel on the driver’s side, no bigger than the size of a nickel
    Things needed to run a/c and power steering would be an ls power steering pump, since my gsr pump line from the steering rack broke, I purchases an ls line, the fitting is different from an ls to a gsr, I have 2 gsr pumps.
    Also needed would be a crank pulley, in which I am in the process of purchasing the pulley and the pump.
    The car is street tuned with uberdata.
    No I do not have any dyno numbers.
    I would expect this setup to make around 210+whp with a good dyno tune on chrome or uberdata. With not stock exhaust that is.
    The motor has 1200 miles on it since the build.
    Meaning next oil change it will be switched over to mobil 1 synthetic along with a new oil pan.
    Motor is just broken in, ready to be dyno tuned.

  2. B16RacerN2NR

    B16RacerN2NR Working Hard VIP

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    Feb 28, 2003
    Moving back West...
    bump for a car that I would buy if you weren't so far, damn you!!!! :)

    VTECPOWER Senior Member

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    Oct 6, 2003
    Winchester, VA
    Thanks man.

    The head gasket just went out on it lastnight.
    Will let the car go for CHEAP now.

    If anyone's interested.
    Make an offer.
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