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FS: 94 Civic Coupe Ex (B16Sir2 only 500 miles)

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by RIT Civic, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. RIT Civic

    RIT Civic Senior Member

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    Sep 29, 2003
    Ok...I need to pay off some bills and the car is finally finished to be sold. I wanted to keep it to finish her up but I have other plans I need to get going first. I build it for turbo...there are still a few things that the engine needs before turbo setup...like the block guard and a better clutch, basically everything you think you need for the setup you want to run that I have not listed below is what you might want to add Email me for Pictures or PM me...I don't want to post them.

    B16A Sir2
    500 Miles
    GSR ecu
    Port/Polish as large as you can go
    3 Angle Valve Job
    Bored and honed bottom .20 over
    Wiseco 9:2.1 Pistons
    Eagle H-Beam Rods
    Bottom balanced
    Stock Flywheel and Crank
    Eibach Dual Springs from Crower
    Titanium Retainers
    Stock Keepers
    Manley Oversized Valves (stainless steel)
    New Honda Seals
    Stock B16 Cams (did not upgrade because I wanted to break the motor in first)
    Milled Head...don't know how much...I let my friend take care of it
    LS Transmission
    Stage 2 ClutchNet and pressure plate
    Cable Tranny with Hasport Hydraulic Tranny Conversion Kit
    OBX Strut tower
    H&R Racing Springs (2.75 front and 2.50 rear)
    Stock Struts
    Ingall Camber Correction kit front and rear
    FX-6 Muffler
    DC 4-2-1 Headers
    Pioneer 50x4 CD Player
    6x9 Sony Xplode Speakers all around (4)
    Stock Tires
    GSR Shift Linkage
    Civic Si New Radiator
    Stock Wheels
    Stock Lights
    5% Window Tint
    OBX Boost and Water Temp. Gauge
    Autometer Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge and Oil Pressure Gauge
    Wire Harness for car is complete Vtec Harness so the wires were never cut
    TurboSmart Manual Boost Controller
    Accel Coil
    MSD Cap
    Nology Coil Charger
    Interior is in very good condition
    Stock motor mounts except for Hasport tranny mount
    Holley Fuel Pump 267lph (good for 800hp)

    Car has only two problems..fender was damaged when I purchased the car...it was all scratched up so I put a new one but have not painted it...and front passenger side corner lip of bumper has a small dent...can't even notice it...other than that I was going to paint it black again because paint is dull on it right now but car looks nice when you wash it...drives really nice...I have not been able to push it hard because its still in the break-in stage...but it accelerates really nice and I am sure that once you break it in you can rev up to 10k rpm with no problems and boost that baby up. Email me at vze1simn@verizon.net or PM me
  2. 96coupeb18

    96coupeb18 Senior Member

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Pics, price, location

    SLVRBLLT Junior Member

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    Oct 8, 2003
    yeah i wanna see pics too
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