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FS: 94 Del Sol Dohc Vtec $5,000 OBO (VA)

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Da1nonly0015, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Da1nonly0015

    Da1nonly0015 New Member

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    Dec 7, 2006
    FS: 94 Del Sol Dohc Vtec Make Offer (reasonable) VA

    94 del sol with 98 Ls/Vtec swap that has been rebuilt a year ago with roughly 12,000 miles. 98 gsr trans rebuilt 3,000 miles ago easter sunday weekend. Below is specifics and mods

    Under the hood
    98 LS block
    98 GSR head
    98 GSR transmission
    Moroso oil pan
    Crower Rods
    JE 11:1 Pistons
    Civic SI camshafts and cam gears
    New oem Valves
    All seal been replaced except front main within last year
    Mugen powdercoated valve cover and mugen oil cap
    Vtec silenoid cover
    fuse and radiator covers
    powder coated strut bar
    Cam seal
    Interstate battery
    Greddy header with 2 1/4 pipe back to exhaust
    high flow cat
    NGK iridium plugs replaced 6k ago
    Accel 8mm plug wires
    New distributor
    New starter
    New brake booster
    New brake master cylinder
    New brake proporionate valve
    New clutch master cylinder
    Ingen cold air intake
    New serpintine belt
    Skunk2 Intake manifold (older version)
    racing Aluminium radiator and all new hoses and thermostat

    Stage 1 exedy clutch
    Fidanza 8lb flywheel
    New shift forks in tranny
    Polyurethane shift linkage bushings
    Skunk2 dual bend short throw with Skunk2 knob
    New axles
    slotted/drilled rotors
    new brake pads
    painted calipers and drums
    Skunk2 pro series fully adjustable coilover kit
    Rear SPC control arms
    Rear lower SPC toe rods
    Lower strut bar

    Vis Carbon fiber hood
    1 piece black chrome headlights
    Smoke tailights
    Blue Xenon bulbs in headlight and fog lights
    17 inch Driftz gunmetal rims with Nitto neogen tires
    Shaved honda emblem in trunk
    3rd brakelight del sol decal
    New oem fenders (last ones rusted and dented)
    New front bumper with Type R lip (had body kit when I bought it)
    Wings West rear lip
    replaced windshield with one that had tinted strip at top
    clear reflecters in front bumper
    mesh in front bumper

    92 Prlude seats
    Black suede with blue stitch shift and ebrake boot
    Indiglo gauges
    custom triple pillar gauge pod with tinted gauges (needs to be hooked back up)
    tinted windows (could use new tint)
    chrome pedals
    Skunk2 Chipped p28 ECU redline a 9,600 (car will hold it all without hesitation) Vtec at 5,800 fuel and map has been modified
    Sony cd/mp3 player
    stock? front speakes with tweater in driver door
    sony 3 way 6 1/2 in rear
    2 8" kicker comp vr subs behind seat in JL stealthbox
    Audiobahn 1400 watt 4 way amp in trunk
    1 farad Capacitor in trunk
    4 gauge amp wire

    New fuel tank
    Fuel filter
    Oil change

    all the car needs is some minor patches here and there to look show worthy
    New paint job and window tint mostly

    It has the potential to run better with a proper tune. The ecu was chipped to work best for the car when I bought it as you can see I did some more modification and have not had it yet tuned to run at its peak.

    Some specs
    never been dynoed but guessing around 200 Whp
    runs 9.6 on a 1/8 mile with shitty launch (could run 9.2 easily with proper rims/tires and good driver)
    Only uses high test fuel
    Only gets Mobil 1 full synthetic oil (changed every 3,000 miles)

    I hate to sell my project but I have a baby on the way as well as was diagnosed with cancer back in febuary so I have hopital bills out the azz to pay for. All in all with the price that I paid for it and all the extra time and work I put into it I have well over 16,000 tied up. I know that I will never see that much. If you are interested or have questions or would like more pictures email me at Delsolracing94@comcast.net or call 540-578-1386 my name is nathan. I am located in Broadway VA to also be more specific. Below is a link to see all the pictures that I have of the car

    da1nonly0015 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2007
  2. Da1nonly0015

    Da1nonly0015 New Member

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    Dec 7, 2006
    bump for a car that needs to be sold
  3. h23sol

    h23sol New Member

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    Sep 24, 2007
    trade for a DA, check my thread
  4. Da1nonly0015

    Da1nonly0015 New Member

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    Dec 7, 2006
    Make me some reasonable offers
  5. hatukazi

    hatukazi ambitious...but rubbish

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    Jan 1, 2007
    Big Lake, MN
    too sweet! I miss my del-sol.
    love the valve cover.

    I also have a kidney for sale for 5K:D
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