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fs 95 civic ex jdm gsr with mods

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by gsrchad, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. gsrchad

    gsrchad Member

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    Nov 9, 2003

    im thinking about selling or trading my car. Im looking for something turbocharged... a turbo civic but no d series engines please...

    this is what the car is

    1995 civic ex. has 140K on chassis but 40K on engine and tranny.

    its a b18c from japan.
    aem intake
    dc 4-1 headers
    straight pipe for cat, with flex tube for flexxing (just installed)
    and full greddy cat back
    jg cam gears
    carbon fiber hood with hood pins
    new chiped p72 ecu
    smoked clear corners
    tokico suspens and progress springs
    come with either del sol rims or 16 inch imperials ( depends on price and what not)
    on kumho 205 40 R 16's
    shaved emblems, and 20 % tint all around
    ITR tranny
    vtec light
    momo front upper strut bar
    zex nitrous 65 shot (can easly run 85) with purge kit
    no powersteering
    no a/c ( its ohio, give me a break)

    probly missing other things

    willing to give a b18a (b18b cams and exhaust mani) with 25K in on the deal

    really looking for a nice clean turbo civic. b18b,c or b16a. preferable hatch.

    please email at civic9517@hotmail.com

    willing to work something out

    best time in 1/4 so far is 13.6... look in signature or go here..for pics

    very serious. so let me know.....could also through in del sols and rims and engine with car...car is a good running car. no recks, nothing like that... jsut want a turbo car to work on...
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