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FS: B18 jdm type r turbo drag setup

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Syner G Racing LLC, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Syner G Racing LLC

    Syner G Racing LLC New Member

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    Dec 30, 2007
    these are new in the box parts

    +Blitz super sound dual drive blow off valve ($100)
    +hks super sequential BOV Type II (universal) ($225)
    +Tial wastegates 38mm (silver) ($ 175)
    +Wiseco Turbo pistons K541m815 (for B18C ) with total seal ring kit and wrist pins ($375)
    +Top 2005 universal programmer (chip programmer)($75)
    +S7 Autotechnic gauges (like defi black outs) oil pressure and A/F ratio($60 for both)
    +Greddy Full auto turbo timer ($80)
    +Apexi VAFC II($200)
    +ARP head stud kit #208-4601($125)
    +Uber data kit with extra eeprom and quick release holder.($10)
    +IB Spec Rods H beam rods balanced and nitride coated contact surface($275)
    +P14 (92 prelude automatic) ecu ($50)
    +P28 (94 civic 5 speed) ecu ($100)
    +Two Ractive Racing seats with rail kit ($ 400)
    +Exedy Racing Clutch HM0225R Multi disc ($1,500)
    +Cometic head gasket 81.5mm .030 mls #c4232-030 / 147838 ($75)
    +Hondata intake manifold gasket ($30)
    +27" x 6.5" x 2.5" intercooler ($150)
    +Thermo tech wrap (black #11021 1" x 50') ($50)
    +hondata s300 ($500)
    +greddy oil catch can 15mm fittings ($50)
    +two aem tru time adjustable cam gears 323-802b ($ 225 for both)
    +Fluidamper #590601 Street ($325)
    +GM 3 bar map #1997152 w/ pigtail ($40)
    +GM Boost sensor 12223861 w/ pigtail (from the typhoon) ($25)
    +RC pl4-1000cc injectors w/ fuel pressure gauge ($300)
    +moroso drag sumped oil pan with pick up ($125)
    +Drag 2 1/2" down pipe ($50)
    +nology hotwirz & msd wires ($50)
    +B series 94 civic intercooler kit (pipes and silcon) ($100)
    +wastegate elbow 2 bolt ($40)
    +1" dump tube ($ 25)
    +drive shaft shop level 0 axels b series to 5th gen civic rated for 300hp w/ intermdeiate drive shaft ($200)
    +bag of honda/acura wire harness plugs (some where around 50+) ($50)
    +RC 550cc injectors ($275)
    +Zietronics zt2 wide band o2 sensor kit ($200)
    +proform shift light ($25)
    +golden eagel vaccum manifold (blue) ($30)
    +2 gauge pod for honda/acura ($10)
    +battery box ($ 5)
    +turbo smart boost controller (red) ($ 60)
    +Tsunami turbo manifold ($250)
    +3" down pipe with flex (5 bolt flange) ($200)
    +Giant intercooler (havent measured it...takes up whole front of civic) ($125)
    +shifter linkage for 5th gen civic to B series w/ short throw shifter with type r knob and energy suspension bushings ($125)
    +B18C JDM Type R freshly sleeved with ductile iron 81.5mm sleeves, hot tanked (block is not assembled...everything is tagged and bagged and wrapped with oil soaked rags) its a complete engine minus the pistons and rods. It comes with a brand new rebuild gasket kit and crap load of bearings to get the clearances just right, all accesories like starter, altenator, wiring harness ext. The head has a mild port and polish with omni power titanium valves, ferrera titanium springs and retainers. ($3,500)

    I dont ever come on here so if your interested email me at vernon_brandon@hotmail.com. Im located in woodlawn, tn.

    I have a couple of turbos for sale also but I'll list those later.
  2. blwnsmke

    blwnsmke New Member

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    Aug 12, 2008
    I sent you a email on multiple parts..

    Do you or anyone else know if those pistons will work on my new motor Im building, Running a B18c5 block with LS Crank and LS Eagle H beams with a ITR Head.. Will they work?
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
  3. blwnsmke

    blwnsmke New Member

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    Aug 12, 2008
    BTW you have the map sensor and boost sensor part #s backwards..
  4. blwnsmke

    blwnsmke New Member

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    Aug 12, 2008
    Ill take the pistons and cometic head gasket..
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