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WI FS civic/integra

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by b18c5turbogt35r, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. b18c5turbogt35r

    b18c5turbogt35r New Member

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    Jan 28, 2011
    two 1999 honda civic si stock ecu $80 each or obo
    one SAFC sub-harnesses $25 obo
    one 2000 honda civic si ecu $80 obo
    one 2001 acura integra ls ecu $80 obo
    one aftermarket THROTTLE BODY gasket $30 obo
    one stock b-series stock THROTTLE BODY $40 obo
    one 36" LONG STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED LINE will work for oil and nos $30 obo
    three new t3 turbo gaskets and three new 38mm wastegate 2 blot gaskets $10 each obo
    three new b-series exhaust manifold gaskets $10 each obo
    a set of used 2001 acura integra type r stock head blots $20 obo
    two set of stock b-series cam gear $30 obo each set
    one b-series obd 1 DISTRIBUTOR will fit non vtec and vtec $100 obo come with use wires
    one after market shift knob $20 obo
    one used stock gsr fuel pump $20 obo
    one aftermarket short shifter $40 obo
    two stock b-series fuel rail $30 each obo
    one used b-series aftermarket str fuel rail $100 obo
    one custom b-series ram horn turbo manifold with t3 flange with 38mm flange $300 obo
    one brand new 38mm wastegate $100 obo or trade for 44mm wastegate
    2.5in all the way turbo piping for civic/integra with real hks bov black with intercooler (29x11x3 with 2.5in inlet and outlet) with silicone couplers and t-bolt clamps $350 obo
    one new Universal intercooler 29x11x3 with 2.5in Inlet & Outlet $160 obo
    one 1996 jdm itr motor biuld for turbo (head is stock with stock itr throttlebody with aftermarket throttlebody gasket with stock gsr camshaft with custom made alumium intake manifold with after market intake manifold gasket with aftermarket cam seal with cometic 2 layer head gasket with aftermarket str fuel rail with stock fuel injectors with fuel guage) (block has nippon racing b-series turbo piston oversize to 81.50mm with stock itr rods, golden eagle block guard,stock sleeves, new acl bearings install) with b16/s4c transmisson (transmissin has 3 new bearing (one new Nachi differential bearing and one new NTN main shaft bearing that I order from (synchrotech) and one new bearing,ball (25x52x14/15) (NTN) bearing that I order form Saccucci Honda) and new xtd stage 5 clutch kit with stock gsr flywheel that has been lighten and resurfaced and balance to 12 lbs with new throw out bearing and pliot bearing come with head, gsr camshaft, intake manifold, dizzy, spark plugs, stock spark plug wires, fuel rail, fuel injectors, b16/s4c tranny and chipped p28 ecu with turbo base map for stock fuel injectors and engine wire hardness $4800 obo motor should be between 9.55:1 and 9.65:1 comp ratio according to Mike Laskey form Laskey Racing
    new bosch 1600cc fuel injectors will fit honda/integra $300obo
    new custom built gt35r turbo with oil feed/oil drain/cootant fiting $360 obo
    new 4 blot 3in turbo down pipe black $120 obo
    new gm 3 bar map senosr $50 obo
    new b-series turbo kit $1600 obo or with fuel injectors and gm 3 bar $2000 obo
    One used jdm intera type r throttle body also come with tps sensor no map sensor $120 obo
    Stock 1997 jdm itr vavlespirng obo
    email me at nuleeturbo@yahoo.com!!!!!!
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