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FS: euro spec honda items h22a5 f20b zc

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by DSC201KNOC, May 3, 2007.

  1. DSC201KNOC

    DSC201KNOC New Member

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    May 2, 2007
    I have a h22a5 motor that is in the process of being disasembled. it came out of a 2000 accord euro r from italy. the internals look nearly brand new. the only item i do not have any more isthe intake manifold which was sold yesterday.

    block, pistons, crank, head, valves, springs, cams, cam gears, rockers, cam guards, alternator, power steering pump, ac condenser, thermostat housing, valve cover, exhaust manifold, and various sensors.

    also for sale...

    Euro F20B Motor parts (94-97)
    Euro Accord Wagon Gauge Cluster. (kph) 94-97
    CRX Power windows switches/motors tell me what parts you need(88-91)
    crx rear seat - not the best condition, needs a new cover but its the whole kit.
    CRX ZC motor parts (88-91)
    CRX Gauge Cluster (euro kph) 88-91
    Prelude euro gauge cluster (2000) kph
    CRX ZC style oem foam wing
    sunroof switches for 88-91 civic
    gauge cluster for mid 90s golf/jetta
    99 civic hatch wing.

    email me if you want or need anything
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  2. DSC201KNOC

    DSC201KNOC New Member

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    May 2, 2007
    10002 H22A Intake manifold 180
    10003 H22A Pistons 180
    10004 H22A Head 250
    10008 H22A Cams 150
    10009 H22A Cam Gears 60
    10010 H22A Cam Guards 50
    10011 H22A VTEC Solenoid 70
    10012 H22A Exhaust Manifold 60
    10013 H22A Thermostat Housing 40
    10014 H22A Block 200
    10015 H22A Water Pump 60
    10016 H22A Underdrive Pully 50
    10017 H22A Rods 150
    10018 H22A Oil Pan 40
    10019 H22A Crank 170
    10020 H22A Block Piston Oil Squirters 40
    10021 Anti Splash Oil Returner 40
    10022 Wiring Harness 60
    10023 Sensors 15
    10024 Alternator 50
    10025 Power Steering Pump 30
    10026 AC Compressor 30
    10027 Prelude (00) A Gauge Cluster 75
    10028 CRX (88-89) M Gauge Cluster 70
    10029 Accord (94-97) M Gauge Cluster 75
    10030 CRX Power Window Switches 50
    10031 H22A Valve Cover 70
    parts for sale prices negotiable. people wontgive me offers so ill put roundabout prices. email me if you are interested. these prices are plus shipping. the packages are shpped out of nyc. also for pics go to www.myspace.com/twiztec under pics and then whatever yu are looking for.
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