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FS/FT for k20 swap -99ek hatch, GSR-Turbo, ITR interior, very nice! !!!SO MUCH EXTRAS

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by naudlee, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. naudlee

    naudlee New Member

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    Aug 19, 2006

    Alright, heres the deal... I'm looking to get rid of my baby, my hatch. I've been thinking hard and figured I'd never part with it after all the work I've put into it, but the time has come...

    I WOULD LIEK TO TRADE FOR A k-swapped eg/ek HATCH straight up(still throw me offers, JDM front DC, other hatches, BUT PRETTY FIRM on k-swap)
    I WILL SELL FOR 8,500obo

    the only thing is, never had really problems with this car, we'll this morning I was bleeding the system after putting on a new intake mani gasket, getting it ready to be sold and cleaning her up and whatnot, and the car was runnign fine, just idling in my garage then it just died, and would not start back up. The fuel pump primes, it gets fuel pressure, it cranks, but it won't start. I have yet to play around with it, but its probably something stupid, it has nevergiven me problems. That is why I'm including a complete LS longblock with it, just int he rare case somethign wen't bad,w hich I'm sure didn't, but just to give a buyer/trader more assurance. I had plans to go built LS-v, but I'm ready for the big K! I'ma trya nd playw ith it after turkey today, I shoudlbe able to get it going, sucha random occurance, but ya Let me know your thoughts, lowball me/trade+ cash I NEED A CAR FOR NEXT MONDAY, SO JUMP ON THIS

    What I got...
    1999 Vogue Silver Metallic EK hatch
    GSR motor with 76xxxk miles
    (extra LS longblock on the side, mint)
    skunk2 intake mani
    fidanza short shifter
    walbro 255lph fuel pump
    AEM fuel rail
    B+M fuelpressure regulator
    Mishimoto aluminum radiator
    GReddy 18g turbo kit (mainly custom)
    precision 440's
    tuned on crome by AMS
    greddy profec B -low boost 8, hi 10
    megan boost and oil pressure gaugesina frog eye cluster pod, match GSR cluster
    GSR cluster
    FULL ITR interior thats MINT, ctr shift boot, and ITR shift knob
    16" kyowa racing blk w/polished lip rims wrapped in fresh toyo proxies 4
    custom 2.5" catback done by Pauls Custom around here w/ a megan n1 muffler on the end, sounds pretty amazing to be honest.
    ctr rear lip, CTR grille, the door trim and sideskirts were painted VSM, left the door handles and mirrors, I liked it better.
    CTR wing w/ 3rd brakelight, oem
    ACT stage 2 clutch
    koni 5 way adjustables w/ skunk2 coilovers

    bronze HX wheels w/nitto drag radials in the front
    big ASS ebay FMIC
    rev hard b-series tubular mani, will work w/ greddy 18g kit
    9ps external Wastegate
    XS power tubular b-series mani
    Hallman Pro manualboost controller
    greddy oil sandwich adapter
    3 sets of oil lines for t3
    tapped LS oil pan
    1 rebuilt t3/t4 xs turbo, sent to blaast. Things MONSTER, 70 trim or something
    1 brand new xs power t4 turbo .57a/r
    downpipe for the t3/t4 -2.5" vband
    intercooler piping for a crx, steel kind aghetto but works
    DSM bov w/ flange
    knockoff HKS bov w/flange pipe
    clutchmasters stage 3 clutch for b-series hydro tranny
    stock b16 flywheel
    stock ITR shifter and knob

    Heres the only picture I have at the moment, my camera sucks and doesn't like to work, but hey, it's better than nothing

    GET AT ME:
    AIM: suburbanbliss2
    e-mail: info@theedgeskateshop.com
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