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FS: misc. d-series/civic stuff

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by stmotorsports, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. stmotorsports

    stmotorsports Senior Member

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    Jun 19, 2003
    Buffalo, NY
    Trying to get an early start on spring cleaning- I still have alot of this stuff laying around & don't really have any plans for any of it...

    All prices are /BO + shipping so hit me up with your offer and zip # so I can see how much it will be to ship- I have a FedEx acct so I can get stuff shipped pretty reasonably


    '01+ D17 bare block, under 15k miles $50/bo *SOLD*

    '01+ D17 oil pan, aluminum & SUPER light. Might fit other D-motors...? *NO LONGER F/S*

    '01+ D17 intake mani complete w/tb, rail, injectors, all sensors, harness, etc $75/bo *SOLD*

    '01+ D17 factory 4-1 header w/ heatshield- GC $25/bo *SOLD*

    '01+ D17 misc. mounts, brackets, timing covers, fittings, etc - ?? $ make offer

    '92-'95 cx 5-spd trans, EC, no grinds, etc- great for turbo/drag hybrid or leave as is for AMAZING mpg!! ;-) $75/bo as-is (stock), $125 with si final drive included

    '92-'95 cx exhaust mani- the infamous 'low-buck turbo manifold' $25/bo

    z6 starter- also fits ?? $30/bo

    z6 power steering pump $30/bo

    z6 oil pan $25/bo

    RARE d-series DOHC head complete w/cams, valvetrain, intake, tb, all sensors, ECU, harness, etc- came out of an '88 integra, pretty sure it was a d16a1(?). I've been told it's basically the same as the JDM DOHC ZC(??) $125/bo

    '01+ D17A2 (EX vtec) Complete head assembly- ie: with cam,motion assemblies,vtec switch/solenoid,COMPLETE harness all the way to ecu,valve cover,spark plug cover,etc etc... $200/BO *SOLD*

    DelSol Si trans- VGC, one *minor* grind in 3rd but only when redlining out of 2nd, no grind when using GM Synchromesh fluid $175/bo

    EG Civic EX sedan trans (0.705:1 5th)- GC, no grinds *NO LONGER F/S*

    POSSIBLY AVAILABLE: Hybrid EG trans complete ~> civic cx 1st-5th gears, Si 4.25:1 final drive. GC, no grinds ever. I can ship it complete all assembled with all work done (ie-drop in and go), or if you want to save a couple bucks I can ship the cx trans as is with the si final set separate (ie-DIY build). Contact me for actual ratios and pricing

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