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FS OR TRADE: Black 89 si HB almost stock

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by hybrid89, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    Alright heres the skinny...

    1989 Honda civic hatch SI black with you standard grey/blue interior. Has fresh(46,000) mile D16a6 SOHC (stock) motor, A/C, brand new Exedy clutch(78 miles to be exact) new brakes all around, generic cold air intake and exhaust, JG bored Throttle body. Kenwood Cd player, 2 JL Subs. Runs great, no smoke, no grinds. Mechanicly sound. Just passed smog 2 months ago(for all the swap junkies, you have almost 2 years on it!!!) It does have a cracked windsheild, minor body damage(dings dents), but nothing horrible. Interior is complete, with the exception of a few minor parts here and there. Other than that it is a great little ride. Just needs TLC.

    I bought this car with the intention of commuting in it and cleaning it up slowly while I built my REX. I got the itch to purchase a new TSX and really dont need 3 cars I just want to get back what i have into it (minus my labor of a new motor, clutch, etc.) I'm asking $2250 in the recycler, but am very open to negotiating money and or trading. Make me an offer. I know its nothing special, but i need it gone more than anything. This thing is screaming for a swap. I also have many aftermarket/swap/motor parts available for this car if interested. B16/b18...you know how it goes.

    Let the low ballin begin.... :D
  2. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    I will try to get pics posted tonight. My digital camera got stolen, I am trying to get my hands on one today!
  3. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

    oh shit, one more thing, I live in so Cal (near magic mountain) Thats all I promise
  4. hybrid89

    hybrid89 thistownsucks...

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