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Fuel pressure tester adapter for D17A1......01 civic

Discussion in 'Civic - EP, FA, FG' started by jacksoncruz, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. jacksoncruz

    jacksoncruz New Member

    Hi guys. Newbie here to the site. Thanks for letting me join aboard.

    Been having trouble with my 01 civic. It will stumble and hesitate but only in the mornings on cold startup. After it warms up it runs and idles fine. Although I ocassionally get a CEL when driving.

    The codes I get are P0300, 0301, 0302, 0303 and 0304 which are for all 4 cylinders indicating a misfire.

    Ive replaced sparkplugs with OEM NGK's, checked the vaccum lines for leaks and the TB cleaning and the IACV cleaning as well. All is good around there.

    The one thing I want to do is test t he fuel pressure but I cant find a adapter to fit into the quick disconnect line for the fuel. Im thinking I either have a bad fuel pump or faulty pressure regulator.

    Is there anywhere you guys know that i can buy this adapter?
  2. lsvtec+allmotoreg

    lsvtec+allmotoreg New Member

    yo just buy a pressure gauge. they go 4 around 20-30$ on ebay... but from expirience u might need to change the fuel pump, i've seen this problem a few times before and it was the fuel pump losing pressure..try changing the fuel filter before u change the pump it could be dirty.
  3. jacksoncruz

    jacksoncruz New Member

    I havent seen any that will fit a 01 civic.....in case you dont know. 01's and up have a special quick removal line that needs and adapter......it doesnt have a banjo bolt like the olde rmodels.
  4. lsvtec+allmotoreg

    lsvtec+allmotoreg New Member

    dude ur right u need a special tool to check the pressure on those cars.. i forgot... and u can only get it with snap-on, mac, and matco tools or a special tools place... but i got good news, i found out that car has a recall 4 the same reasons u r having problems with... it seems like the fuel pump connectors get corored and dont make good contact.. u need to call the dealer and find out if ur car falls under that recall.. if it does then they'll fix it 4 free!!! if not then u need to replace the fuel pump....

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