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Fuel Problem i think with B16a swap in an EF

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by EHondaF, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. EHondaF

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    Aug 27, 2006
    this past weekend my friends and i swaped a jdm B16a into my 91 hatch si. it went in pretty smooth until the starting part. We finally got it started by spraying gas stright into the throttle. It started adn ran. I turned it off adn finished completing the swap (axles, tranny flulid) and i checked out my codes. i had a code 7 8 9 and 3 and 21. i hooked up v tec the next day and 21 went away. 7 8 and 9 are all distributer codes so i took a ls distributer and chopped the one leg off. Then it started right up. But after a test drive we found out once in gear steping of the throttle did nothing adn when u stomped it it bogged and almost stalled. we had spark and the timing was right. We took off the fuel rail and cranked it and tons of fuel came out. (i also used a skunk2 itm with a stock fuel rail and gsr cams) code 3 is map sensor wiring. i checked all the wiring and made sure i didnt cut any wrong wires for vtec. the strange thing was all the vtec wires were already in the harness and the knock sensor also had a wire. i snipped them and ran all the wires. no pinnig was needed. Now the car starts but the idle is funny. it kinda jumps between 750 and 1500. but nothing too radical just a little change in idle speed everyonce and a while. sometimes i can hit the gas and it revs up and sometimes is boggs and sounds like it is gonna stall. when it boggs if u try to drive it, it boggs once the clutch is let out and is undriveable. but when u can rev it up it drives. i only drove it up adn down the driveway. my buddy says its fuel injectors, my dad says its the fuel pump. i think its the fact that i am using a stock fuel rail on a skunk2 intake manifold and had to do some serious rigging to get it all to fit. what would cause my poor driving ability.i am pretty sure it has to do with fuel. oh yea and at one point it only ran if fuel was being sprayed into the throttle. but now it will start up
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