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Fuel Pump Question

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by sbc, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. sbc

    sbc Junior Member

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    May 8, 2003
    wassup guys, im a newbie to this forum, and have a quick question. i have a 95 EG si, and just traded my stock b18c1(97) +$800 for a built b18c1 w/
    >polished crank
    >CTR over size
    >over size bored
    >JDM rods
    >ITR valuetrain set
    >New crank bearings-rod bearings all new .
    >Dc 4-1 header
    >oil pump- water pump
    >8.5 wires
    >ENGINE balanced double check clearance -rods-and main bearings
    >also came with a p28 ecu and hondata s200
    And my question is if i swap out my stock EG fuel pump and replace it with a ITR fuel pump, will it make much of a difference?
    thanks inadvance for your comments
  2. stretch arm strong integ

    stretch arm strong integ Junior Member

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    Jun 5, 2003
    it will be good for your setup cause i have one in my 91integra it make it move alittle freely :D :thumbsup:
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