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General b18b build with turbo question.

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by a_integra_87, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. a_integra_87

    a_integra_87 Member

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    Oct 18, 2005
    Sorry if its been asked a billion times, but its the first time im asking [​IMG] .

    Anyway i just bought a JDM b18b (obd2) for a motor swap with GSR tranny into a 97 civic cx. The motor im sure dosent NEED a rebuild. But i plan to go turbo, so think its somewhat benifical to replace it now while its out of the car then have to pull it in a year, or install the motor and find it has crap compression to begin with. Think this is a good idea? Im not sure the turbo or Engine managment system yet, but aiming for a daily driver (not in rain or winter of course) with at LEAST 250hp, since rebuild possibly in the 260+whp range. I was informed on HAN that after about 250whp with a good tune and fuel system you might want to get some better internals. Now do you think this is practical though? A daily driver whit that power? Still would like to get around 20mpg if at all possible (probably not though huh?)

    I started working co-op at a local garage and my boss and co-workers informed me that on weekends they would love to help me build my motor. Installiation is free and so is the knowledge :mrgreen: . Boring is $160, or $80 his price, and parts probably regular cost unless i go through him.

    Now what rods should i look for? Pistons? How about the valve train or cams, should i upgrade? Headgasket? Just OEM thickness or some aftermarket thing?
  2. hotrex

    hotrex Senior Member

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    Sep 9, 2005
    heres the deal. you can make 250-275 all day reliabley on a b18b.

    heres the prob. those heads flow like shit. if you want any kind of hp. you need to ls/vtec that thing. there is no point in putting work into a ls head, cam wise stuff, just use that money to buy a vtec head.

    i would do that before i did pistons and rods.

    when you do pistons and rods, go with a set of eagle rods, and a set of 9:1 compression je/srp pistons.

    if you are doing internals, you might as well fill the block, itll allow you to run 5ish extra lbs of boost. i have a write up about ho i did my block \in forced induction.
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