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Going turbo need help?

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Tee, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Tee

    Tee New Member

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    Sep 3, 2019
    So last month i bought a cg6 manual mileage 264,000 i decided to rebuild my entire long block(f23a4).
    Cylinder head
    Port and polished, new valve seal, reused same valves and springs, ported intake manifold, same throttle body but added a tb spacer, same injector
    Bottom block
    I used the same poston with new compression and oil rings. Same rod with New rod bearings replace all bottom block gasket resealed oil pan, water pump and for crankshaft i replace the oil seal on both end pulley and transmission side, main bearing and thrustwasher. Also install a 2.5 downpipe with catback.

    Assemble the entire long block together with new head gasket torque everything togethere used same transmission checked compression and drop in back to chassis everything running right no check light ext.

    My whole point of this rebuild is to supercharge it but i found out that there wasnt any kind of supercharger built for these motor. So i decided to go turbo. Im budget building this motor to have more knowledge and learn more about adding force induction on motor. I source apps like offerup, letgo, craigslist ext. Found some pretty good part. I havent mounted the turbo on yet because i havent found intercooler yet and piping. I bought the turbo from offerup the dude i bought it from said its from his buddy 97 eclipse gst. I am just trying to low boost first untill i get a little more knowledge first and them ill probably start upgrading internals and boost higher. My goal is 190 to 200 whp.

    So my question is do i need to go obd1 or can i stay obd2 using the missing link and fmu? If i use the missing link and fmu do i need to upgrade injector and fuel pump? Will this t25 turbo reach my goal? What else am i missing to turbo charge?

    Plz be respectful as i am taking this build seriously and is really serious about learning. Thank u.
    20190825_025422.jpg 20190825_025214.jpg 20190811_004529.jpg 20190811_004412.jpg 20190418_235511.jpg 20190811_005911.jpg
  2. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin VIP

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    Nov 18, 2007

    you can stay obd2. but do note that this is very rudimentary of a set up... it was outdated 20 years ago. there's better ways to do it for not much more.

    depends how much boost you run. a few pounds, probably not. more than 3, you probably need to. to hit you're goal, you'll likely want a slightly larger injector. See, at idle/off boost, you don't want bigger as there's no way to control it down... you'll flood and have real shitty mileage.

    ~200 is certainly possible... but you'll need the supporting upgtrades to go with it.

    i'd suggest going obd1, doing the injectors and pump and getting it tuned on a dyno with a chip like crome or hondata/etc.
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