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Good Sellers List

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by pissedoffsol, Jul 18, 2003.

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    Sep 28, 2002
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    chet orig. posted this idea on honda-tech... we don't have half the selling crowd here, but we have had a couple cases of fraud. This is going to be a joint-effort to stop fraud as much as possible.

    so, here goes:

    instead of making this a massive post with impossible to find good sellers, I've taken it upon myself to whip up a little database.

    Chet and myself, being the admins of hondaswap.com and hosting this on our server, will admin the people going on to the list. If a H-T moderator/admin or two would like access to the admin panel for this list as well, that's cool too. I'd like to see this be a joint effort. Send me a pm, and i'll set you up.
    (chet, check your email- i emailed you password details)

    So far, here's the list: http://www.hondaswap.com/sellers
    I just added the pople I know on this list so far. I don't know most of your real names, and i'm too lazy to look them up after spending 20 min coding this :p This can be viewed at anytime. It's nice and simple. no need for BS posts of who he bought from- that will all be taken care of BEFORE their name is even put on the list.

    If you want on the list, instructions are posted on the main page before the listings as to how to get yourself on this list. The rules from above apply, and myself/chet/whoever else comes on as an admin of this list, will verify past transactions with the people you say, etc, and then if we deem you worthy, will add you to the list.

    This is NOT for shops/dealers. This is for personal transactions.

    Any questions, please post up.

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