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Grade 8 VS. class 10.9 bolts

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by 92CHB, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. 92CHB

    92CHB Senior Member

    I need to get some bolts for my turbo project and i was wondering if Class 10.9(i think thats the number) bolts are equivalent to grade 8 bolts? :shrug:
  2. 92CHB

    92CHB Senior Member

    Anyone know?
  3. h82w8

    h82w8 Senior Member

    all I know is I had a 4" long grade 10.9 bolt go through my brand new g-force ta installed 3 weeks prior :headsmash:
  4. 92CHB

    92CHB Senior Member

    OUCH! :eek:
  5. n1mr0d

    n1mr0d Senior Member

    No they are not the same but very simular. Grade 8 is what the SAE came out with and grade 10.9 is the metric version. Grade 8 min tensile strenght is 150K PSI and 10.9 is 142.2K. Also the torque capacity of the grade 8 is higher then its metric conterpart.
  6. 92CHB

    92CHB Senior Member

    thank you

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