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GSR b18c1 engine harness diagram???help

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Civic Gsr, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Civic Gsr

    Civic Gsr New Member

    Hey guys, So far my swap has been a headache. Right now im stock at the end of the swap. I was told my car wouldnt start without me wiring the vtec. Have not checked if its true or not. Will be checking tomorrow. Now, I need help with some stupid things such as wiring the vtec.
    I already know where all the wires go in the ecu, the question is, once im past the firewall and come into the engine, I want to wire it up so that it looks decent and not a bunch of cables running like a web.
    Does anyone have a pic or a site of where I can see the engine harness diagram so I can pin the harness at the towers?!??!
    Im not a mechaninc but i wish I was, I dont know where all the sensors and switches are (the ones i need to wire up). I know their names but dont know location.
    Finally, what are the names for the male female connectors to pinout the ECU? Where can I buy them? I tried Advance Auto Parts but they dont even know what an ECU is.
    Ive had my car apart for too long, Im getting frustrated with this simple thing. I tried searching all over the net but no good.

  2. ls ef

    ls ef New Member

    wrong section...
  3. Civic Gsr

    Civic Gsr New Member

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