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GSR Edlebrock Performer X turbo kit ??????

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by Habitjr21, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Habitjr21

    Habitjr21 New Member

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    Jun 19, 2009
    Odessa, Texas
    Is the Edlebrock Performer X Street Legal Turbo Kits
    a good turbo kit.
    Reason why im looking at this is because it says you dont need a tune.
    "No additional tuning is required when used on otherwise stock engines"
    does this mean i CAN'T upgrade exhaust?
    And what kind of whp do yall think ill have with this set up?
  2. SLOWdelawareEG

    SLOWdelawareEG my cars go fast

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    Dec 21, 2006
    hilton head island, sc
    imo, its waaaaay too expensive for what u get. the only REALLY nice part of the kit is the garrett turbo. other than that, the intake man/secondary fuel rail is ridiculous and not necessary, theres nothing special about the piping, oil lines, or bov/other hardware.

    its "untuned" because it uses a piggyback management. very generic and limits the whole setup. i mean, they advertise for "only" $3200, get "176whp on a stock d16y8" like its impressive or something.:confused: thats weak as fuck.

    piece together your own setup. get a real tune on a chipped ecu. make closer to 200whp and save AT LEAST a good $1200

    oh and as for the exhaust, the sky's the limit. do some research and reading on this site, its obviously much needed, and youll thank yourself later......
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2009
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