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gsr engine into a dx sedan

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by joemuench, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. joemuench

    joemuench Junior Member

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    Dec 13, 2004
    alright so i checked the articles and they havent answered all of my questions so please help me for i wish to do this asap. I want to swap a gsr engine into my 92 honda civic dx sedan. Alll the articles i have read include information on 92 dx hb's. Any ways. My question is will i have to get another motor mount because my engine is a 1.5L if so which is it? And i suppose i will need a gsr tranny or will a b16 tranny or b18a or B tranny fit fine? I've heard that b series trannies will fit any b series engine. does it need to be hydrolic or will a cable work? Also my friend wants to sell me a GSR engine for $600 good deal or bad? please check my list and tell me if im missing any thing from the list

    Engine Swap Components

    gsr engine

    tranny (does it have to be hydro or cable)


    Shift linkage

    GSR axels

    Wiring Harness


    am i missing anything
  2. Slammed90Lude

    Slammed90Lude Senior Member

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    Jan 13, 2003
    milford, PA
    WOW- ok well to start, the swaps into the civics are the same, regardless of it being a hatch, sedan or coupe

    Now, to answer your specific questions, although they've been answered plenty of times before

    You will need a b series transmission that is hydraulic, you will not need a mount kit, as a combination of stock mounts will work-

    $600 is a great deal on a motor, but i would be very skeptical, as GSR motors are usually worth a great deal more, even without a transmission

    As far as the harness goes, the easiest way to go about this is to use the harness that comes with the motor, adding wires from the shock tower to your ecu
  3. civiclxb16

    civiclxb16 Senior Member

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    Dec 6, 2004
    Poconos pa
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