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GSR Perparation for Turbo

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by Luke18, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Luke18

    Luke18 Junior Member

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    Apr 8, 2004
    I have a 96 GSR engine in my 97 Civic. I am getting the engine ready for turbo and I wanted to know exactly everything that I would need to change to get the engine and turbo running at max speed.

    I was thinking of getting type R crank, eagle rods, JE 9.0:1 pistons, Crower stage 2 turbo cams, Skunk2 springs & retainer set and Skunk2 Camgears, AEM fuel rail and V2 intake. I'm not sure which cat-back to go with... the Skunk2 or the Tusdo. Dont know too much about turbochanging but do I need a new header or a new mainfold... whats the difference? Also what well is there that I am missing. Thanks for the assistance.
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    type R crank = why? its the same damn thing
    eagle rods/je pistons = decent setup for th emoney (hell, its what i run) but why so low of a CR? if you don't plan to run stupid amounts of boost, i'd keep the motor in the high 9s-low 10s:1
    crower turbo cams = i've seen no proof that they make more power than a stock GSR cam. in fact, their profiles are near identical (with the skunk2s offering slightly more lift and about the same duration)
    valvetrain = totally unnecessary.

    so now you freed up $1000. sleeve your bottom end instead, and go with more boost

    aem rail = useless. its practically the same size as stock anyway.
    CAI = useless on a turbo car. your intake is at your turbo compressor housing- not your throttle body.

    you will need a turbo manifold to mount the turbo to. a regular header is useless.

    you forgot the most important thing- fuel management.
    high VOLUME pump, larger injectors, and a unit to control them, such as hondata.
  3. integraslut78

    integraslut78 Stylus DJ Extraordinaire

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    Jul 27, 2003
    KiLLa kALi
    You will need a high flow fuel pump, maybe a fuel pressure regulator, bigger injectors, and a computer (Hondata, VAFC, etc.). TUNING IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.
    Fuel management is your other FRIEND.
  4. Import Builders

    Import Builders Senior Member

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    Mar 31, 2004
    LA, California

    HI buddy.

    I will tell you right now, you need this for optimal results:

    Wiseco Pistons
    Aftermarket rods
    HUGE plenum intake manifold (edelbrock)
    RC550 CC injectors (up to 350 WHP or so on stock reg.)
    In tank fuel pump
    Quaife LSD IS A MUST, or don't turbo your car, its a waste of time.
    24" diameter tires, that work on front: BFG Geforce KD 225/50R15
    Any decent turbo kit.
    3" downpipe, 3" exhuast

    And here is what you absolutely do not need and should not buy or your wasting your money:

    aftermarket cams, fuel pressure regulator, cam gears, fuel rail, V2 intake on a turbo? no.

    Its all going to be a waste of money if you don't have 225/50R15 BFG's on the front, or something 225 similar like Toyo Ra1's, and a Quaife LSD. You can have 600 WHP and still get laced by me with only 233.

    If your new to the game, save your money, boost your stock motor until it smokes, then build it and boost more later.

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