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gsr turbo help

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by gsr x civic, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. gsr x civic

    gsr x civic New Member

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    Oct 12, 2006
    mundelein, IL
    okay. so me and my friends just put in my turbo kit i got from a fellow member on HT. it's a greddy 18g turbo.

    anyway, pretty much everything up until the intercooler / fuel was good. check this out. the piping we got with this kit (pvc piping, ftl) didn't exactly work out properly, so we had to go dsm style and home depot tune it. we went and got pvc piping and clamps and hoses and elbows and whatnot, and we got it to hold, and we just zip tied it to the front bumper because i have no bumper / crash support bar.

    anyway. . .

    we ran into another problem. the dsm 450's i got sucked. i lost the o rings that i was going to use so we couldn't put on the 450's, but the fuel pump is installed.

    to top off the cherry, the downpipe didn't exactly mate with the exhaust cuz the exhaust was all welded with no bolts, so we just cut off the exhaust and i'm now running an open DP (maybe for another month or so). oh and also, the slave cylinder line is getting in the way of my intake from the turbine, so i don't have an intake atm.

    i'm so fucked. what should i fix first?
    please don't give me smart ass answers like get a new car or something stupid. gtfo if you're going to say shit like that

    help needed greatly!
  2. weirtech

    weirtech New Member

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    Aug 9, 2006
    i'd put fuel injectors at the top of your list, along with some proper tuning. get the charge pipes in order, then figure out the exhaust. don't drive it hard at all until everything is how it should be.
  3. PooM

    PooM Junior Member

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    Jul 4, 2006
    I agree, get your injectors sorted get some RC injectors, DSM suck ass imo!

    Get some nice 2.5" aluminium charge pipes from eBay or something.

    Sort out some mesh to cover the intake side of the turbo, just so you dont get any big objects entering and jamming it up. But try and get your intake sorted asap!

    Dude, get your cross member aka support bar sorted, you will be loosing structural stability without that!!!
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