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h22 in accord

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by hondamatt, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. hondamatt

    hondamatt New Member

    will the motor mount brackets off my accord go onto my h22 motor? lm gonna get the esp motor mounts but not sure if brackets will work
  2. Korax

    Korax New Member

    Should be able to. There is almost no difference between a F22 and H22 short block/transmission.
  3. hondamatt

    hondamatt New Member

    anyone else? l think they will too but wanna be sure
  4. 1991AccordDxH22A

    1991AccordDxH22A New Member

    Yes, From what i have read around the threads your stock motor mounts work fine its a direct BOLT in swap. You will just need to do some wiring and switch over a few pieces from your old motor. there is a sticky for 4th gen swap at the top of this forum.
  5. hondamatt

    hondamatt New Member

    yes that l know and so many ppl say stock motor mounts will work but driverside wont if u want it to last. plus lm swapping auto - 5speed so thats why lm getting esp auto-5speed h22 mounts. also l was asking about the motor mount BRACKETS that connect motor to mounts

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