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H22 jdm civic for sale cheap!!!

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by vanilladutch89, May 31, 2007.

  1. vanilladutch89

    vanilladutch89 H22_(ivi)

    92 honda civic with the h22 jdm motor and its built im in kingston ny 12401 make an offer it needs a new slave sylender or the tranny needs to be adjusted i cant get it into gear it grinds it also has a new stage 3 clutch get to me for fuklllll specs my email is vanilladutch89@gmail.com make an offer or allll trades welcome

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  2. jomarlin123

    jomarlin123 K-5eRiEs Is ThE 5HiT.....

    how about if you take the motor and sell me the shell ...How much for that.
  3. hcivic

    hcivic Junior Member

    how much???
  4. vanilladutch89

    vanilladutch89 H22_(ivi)

    sold somone offered me 4500 i took it lol

  5. hondaricerman

    hondaricerman Banned

    i would have offered you 7k
  6. vanilladutch89

    vanilladutch89 H22_(ivi)

    oo damn lol i wish u woulda got to me a lil sooner i coulda definetly used it lol

  7. hondaricerman

    hondaricerman Banned

    way to go dumb idiot

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