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Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by H22TURBO44, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. H22TURBO44

    H22TURBO44 New Member

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    Jun 12, 2009
    Ladies and gentlemen i have an issue. I recently picked up a 98 accord coupe with a h22a swap and a garett turbo. The first thing i noticed when i got it was the fact it took quite a few cranks to start and then when it did, started to idle high at 2100 RPM then dropped to 1000 RPM and started a pulse repetition ( which i've heard is ok). The car ran perfect on the road despite what i thought to be a small misfire every once in a while which is explained below. Now my issue is this, my dad thought it would be a good idea to do an engine shampoo, only the alternator was covered.

    After the fact it started like normal and i took it for a good 10 minute run, then sitting at a light it stalls. Try starting it nothing. Turns, turns,a gurgle of life but no real ignition.

    Right away i thought shat, igntion coils, so i pulled over pulled off the distributor cap and there was moisture, so i let it sit and about 30 mins later started after a little hesitation. I got it home then stalled again, so i let it sit dried it with an hair dryer and pulled off the spark plug cables.

    One plug had moisture inside the rod with some residue along with the other ends tip being lodged in the cap.

    I replaced all the cables with NGKs.

    Now i started it again and this time, it started no problem and ran perfect but will not hold idle. It jumps up to 2k, drops down to 1k then slowly dies.

    After looking around i noticed the BOV stays open during idle, as it closes, the idles dies then stalls.

    SO THEORY ONE AIR FLOW ISSUE, Filter does not appear clogged but it is at an inconvienent spot for cleaning.

    Next theory was TIMING, now my dad has been the the auto industry since before i was born, his advice is usuall bang on, he suggested trying to manually adjust it, so after loosening and a few light taps on the distributor we tried to start it again.

    Now it will turn, catch but only gurgle and die. Tried to bring it back but nothing.
    My buddy who is a master tec is coming over tommorow to take a look then it will most likely go to the garage where the turbo was installed and tuned professionally.

    If anyone has any suggestions or comments i would gratefully appreciate it.

    Thank you

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