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H22A Clutch Problem. Won't shift while running, will when off. New Clutch & Flywhee

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by mjolson29, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. mjolson29

    mjolson29 New Member

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I am having a problem with my clutch and shifting. i replaced my clutch and bleed the system a couple of times and everytime i drive it for a while my transmission seems to get harder to shift, eventually not letting me shift at all while the car is on. i bleed the system again and off and running for a while again. i have checked for leaks but cannot find any. i replaced the master and slave cylinders about 2 months ago. i have been searching groups for answers and have found some suggestions below.

    there is an adjustable nut on the master cylinder that i have seen someone say in a thread can help if i adjust it. which way is the correct way to adjust it? towards end of rod or away?

    i have also heard that the master cylinder can get air trapped in at that must be released before installation and can not be bleed unless it is removed. is this true?

    the clutch was installed with a new pressure plate, release bearing and flywheel, aligned correctecly and bolts tourqed in correct order.

    the last clutch and this clutch catch kinda of high, i am thinking it has to do something with the adjustment of the master cylinder. any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    please help
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  2. Nickg4c

    Nickg4c Member

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    Jul 28, 2006
    Gilbert, Az
    What exactly do you mean by harder to shift? Is the clutch pedal getting stiffer weaker? Does it act like the clutch isn't disengaging and your grinding trying to shift? Is the shifter getting stiffer and harder to pull in and out of gear?

    The adjustable nut on the master cylinder is there to bleed or drain the cylinder; you shouldn’t need to touch it.

    As far as the master cylinder getting air trapped, yes it does bleeding will get rid of it in most cases, but sometimes you have to use a special pump to force the fluid through the lines, But if this was the case you would see no fluid coming out when your bleeding the clutch like normal.

    The reason that they catch high is the setup inside the car of the clutch pedal, there is a rod that can be adjusted so that you have the right amount of free play. Get a manual and see what it says for the correct amount of free play.
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