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H22a in a ???

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by AStinkyBumb, May 3, 2010.

  1. AStinkyBumb

    AStinkyBumb New Member

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    May 3, 2010
    i currently have a 97 prelude with a H22a vtec engine in it that i totaled... (OBD1 i believe) the engine and transmission is alright as far as i know the only under the hood parts that were broke in the crash was the power steering and i think the radiator is cracked... however the body is screwed along with back axle.

    here is what i want to do...
    -get the engine rebuilt since it has 215k miles on it
    -then i want to drop the engine and transmission in a Civic Hatchback
    - power steering is a must cause i want it to be a snow drift car for winter beating
    - however power locks and windows and that stuff isnt needed
    -do bolt ons (its already got CAI and cat back which i would adjust to fit the car)
    -turbo it with a small turbo (t3/t4 at low psi depending on the rebuild) so i dont have to mess with injectors or pistons or anything (ebay kit)

    i do want it to be a hatchback 92-95/96-00 range (i know there is 2 different gens in there but i like both) and i would need a list of everything needed, ie: mounts, electrical, stuff for power steering.

    remember this engine at any point if it were to blow up or not work would just be parted or scrapped it is just a fun project for me to do this summer if i dont find a steady job. and if it works very well could become an actual daily driver
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