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h23 cfk sensor problem help!

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by maddog4696, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. maddog4696

    maddog4696 New Member

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    Mar 23, 2012
    Hello my name is John, I have a 92 Prelude Si-R (proof) running a USDM OBD2 Non-VTEC H23 head on a OBD1 H23 bottom end. The problem I am facing now is I did not replace the oil pump from the old bottom end I swapped for the JDM one. All wiring is OBD2; I have a OBD1 to OBD2 jumper harness at the ECU. Does anyone know a trick to bypass the crank sensor without having to replace the oil pump in my block? Someone told me to use the OBD2a/b bypass trick but would it be able to work with the USDM head, or would I just have to swap distributor; and if so what kind?

    Thank for your time.
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