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hatch ls rear mounted turbo ????

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by matts91hatchls, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. matts91hatchls

    matts91hatchls Member

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    Aug 28, 2004
    elizabeth nj
    ok guys im new to this board, ive been into domestics and im starting to wild-out on my daily driven 10 pt civic hatch back, my car is completly gutted, ill post a pic later

    i have a fuel cell so my origainal gas tank is no longer taking up all that room under my car, i hate doing what everyone else is doing so ive decided to fab up a rear mounted turbo and intercooler, sleeper of all sleepers (limo tints for the cage)

    im not sure of some of the specs i bought the car last november, as far as turbo and boost, right now im running an ls 1.8 non-vtec basically stock, headers, intake, nothing internal, (but i am scratching my head as to why im making 213lbs of tq at the wheels yet only 140 hp, i dynoed it 2 times)

    ill give u a basic run down of how i want it to come out and if you guys and offer any additional information, it would be great,

    from intake to throtal body this is how it will go (i think)

    the intake will come from a roof scoop with a cone filter (inside), pvc piping from the roof to the floor where the turbo will be underneithe the rear sear, there is enuf room to place the intercooler at a 45degree angle with an air dam or 2, and a screen to protect it from debree, the pipe will run inside the car between the passangers feet or along the passanger side door, through the firewall and around the back side of the front tire and come into the engine bay where the aem cold air intake sits now
    for in blow off valve i was thinking about putting it right after teh turbo running a hose inside my car and back into the intake pipe...

    what would internals so i need to upgrade for 8 psi

    i apoligize for the long post but non of u guys no my setup i had to explain... thanks in advance

    Matt :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: sleeper is among us
  2. [Freemantle]

    [Freemantle] Senior Member

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    Apr 3, 2004
    Vero Beach, FL
    Ummm.... that's some balls-out crazy stuff. What chassis of civic are you using? You will have to talk to some civic guys who know a lot about your chassis, as I'm pretty sure most of us have no idea what kind of room you have to work with (with the fuel tank gone now).

    Don't put the turbo in the car, for the love of god. Underneath is fine, but not inside. I'm willing to bet the keys to my imaginary Elise that you won't be able to keep A/C for this project. Run the lines under the car and tuck it all where the old gastank was.

    Your engine will take 8psi without sweating, but be aware to the fact that the stock LS head is known to flow poorly (this is hearsay from me). You are going to accumulate some considerable lag because of the great distances your charge piping is going to travel.

    Mounting the BOV right next to the impeller is probably a bad idea, as the slightest hesitation in the valve will let the pressure slam into your compressor. This is non-cool (and loud). If you kept the turbo in the car, the BOV would eventually kill you or spawn cancerous worms in your brain.

    It would be my personal advice to keep the intake under the car with the turbo. A suitable duct will force good enough air to the filter and intercooler. The main reason people don't put intercoolers under a car is because all the engineering goes toward making the underside of a car a low pressure zone, so that you get a downforce (on the same principle a spoiler works). In contrast though, JGTC turbo NSX-Rs put the intercooler directly behind the rear wheel in the fender, so it isn't a terrible idea.

    My ultimate advice? Scrap the rear mounted turbo and buy a Blitz DD BOV and a heatshield. It'll probably save you thousands of dollars and require less stupid-work. Put the money on a good LSD, fuel management, and good tires. With the fuel tank gone, you could run a second tailpipe for your wastegate (un-needed, but who said we weren't being excessive?). It would also be a "gangsta" place to hide N20.
  3. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home

    sounds like you're reading your graphs wrong...

    ususally, the hp and torque curves have different legends- one on the left, one on the right....

    as for your idea of a rear mounted turbo, i think its retarded, will suck, and be slow.

    20 feet of change pipe = lag till 12312312 rpms.
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