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Help! 95 Civic With Idle Problems!

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by pinkclover519, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. pinkclover519

    pinkclover519 you got beat by a girl!

    Ok i have a 95 civic ex, 1.6vtec. it's had the fluctuating high idle since i bought the car, and even with a rebuilt engine, it's still doing it. i've had the fast idle valve replaced and the idle air control motor replaced. it seems to not be as loud as before, but it's still doing it. when the car is first started every day, it revs up and down until the temperature warms up to where it should be. then the air intake tube makes like a soft pop noise and then the fluctuating stops. and then the idle of the car goes down to about 200. i can manually raise the idle to about 1000-1200 but within a month, it drops back down to around 200. everyone has told me to change the throttle positioning sensor, but all the parts stores have told me there isn't one on a 95 civic. i don't know what to do next or where to find a new tps. please help! thanks.
  2. LS_VTEC

    LS_VTEC you get the BRAKE

    Sounds to me like you may have one or more problems.

    1) bad intake manifold gasket
    2) vacuum leaks or improperly installed vacuum lines
    3) Cooling system malfunction

    When was the last time your cooling system was flushed? How many miles on that engine since rebuilt? What was rebuilt on the engine?
    These things need to be known for a quality answer. All we can do is pretty much give you suggestions. The engines cooling system has a "cycle" it goes through. It gets cold...than hot...than cooled again..than hot again and so on. If it is not changed routinely (manufacturer's spec.), than it will begin to develope something called scale. With time, scale can affect valves in a not so "fun" way. Valves like your FITV. Take it to a reputable shop and have them diagnose the problem. If its electrical, they should be able to find it. If its not electrical, depending on where they start looking, it will take a little bit longer to diagnose. Don't go buying a TPS, its not cheap. Make sure your problem is found before you start shelling out money. Keep in mind, you cannot return a TPS.
  3. pinkclover519

    pinkclover519 you got beat by a girl!

    the car had a rebuilt engine put in about 2 years ago. at that time we had put in new anti-freeze. i had taken it to a shop to have the fast idle valve redone and thats who told me it was the idle air control motor. we put a new IAC motor on and it still had the same problem. i don't know what was done to the motor internally but the shop's owner said that its was rebuilt and the motor was clean. the engine got new piston rings, crank balance, cam shaft balance, complete rebuilt of the head.we have put about 13,000 miles on the car since the rebuild and when we bought the engine, la imports said it had about 50 k on it. i don't know how to check for a vacuum leak.
  4. OKCZombie

    OKCZombie Banned

    hey dude I am off tomorrow - live in bethany I can take a look at it for ya - and moore imports is generally better and more reliable -

    pm me or hit me on my cell 819-5484 local area code - name is Rob btw
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2008
  5. LS_VTEC

    LS_VTEC you get the BRAKE

    Do a search on HS for idle issues. I put a write up out on FITV's and IACV's and how to easily check them with your bare hands. Its very informative and I actually diagnosed three cars with this method resulting in quick fixes. Do some searching.

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