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Help in serious internal upgrades

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by Cecil, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Cecil

    Cecil Junior Member

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    Nov 6, 2003
    Ok here is the deal i have a blown h22a motor and a good h23 block
    so i kinda want a little challenge so am doing the h23 vtec with a t3/t4 turbo.I
    already have: the Turbo,Intercooler,External deltagate, Turbo XS RFL BOV,A'PEXi
    V-AFC,JE Pistons9:1cr,Eagle Rods,Darton Sleeves Flanged set,AEM EMS,Greddy E-01,RC 720cc injectors,255LPH intank pump,AEM Fuel rail & adjustable fuel pressure regulator,AEM cam gears,MSD Digital 6 plus.I was thinking on getting a turbo head package from Gude because they have a special for $1,550.00 with free shiping and i don't have to send my head in so i will have 2 heads.also i need some help on finding the right clutch setup and alsoshould i kleep the stock flywheel and stock crankshaft?also I will really ned to find some kind of gear ratio combonation that will give me a nice quater mile run but really for the street.
    i can deal with the traction issue later.If there is any thing that i still need please let me know.Oh i plan on boosting no more than 23psi and with a 75 shot of nitrous.Oh i forgot am still on the GReddy EVO Exhaust so if i have to go bigger it will be for sale.thanks in advance for all positive info. :thumbsup:
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